Issues: Infertility, Wobble (Super Aztec).

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-02-15

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Aztec is an incomplete dominant colour and pattern mutation.

The combination of pigments expressed by melanophores (black pigments), xanthophores (yellow pigments), erythrophores (red pigments), and leucophores (white pigments), gives snakes their coloration. It appears that Aztec boas have an increased number of all of these pigmentations, resulting in an increase in grey, yellow, red, and pink pigmentation. [1]

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Homozygous (Super) Aztecs have a high rate of infertility.


Homozygous (Super) Aztec boas have poor locomotive function and are generally weak.


The Aztec boa was first discovered by Bob and Andrew Potts after purchasing the original male from a school teacher that had it for some time as a classroom pet. [2]

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Abberrant connected saddles with some kind of laddertail pattern and lots, lots of contrast. [3]

Aztecs have a side pattern that resembles Aztec pyramids, with a boxy shaped triangle pointing up towards the dorsal of the snake.

They also have a dorsal stripe that resemble a smear of wet paint, as though its stripe was painted on a moving snake and the paint smeared down towards the tail.

They have an inter-connected dorsal saddle pattern and blocked tail pattern, as they age they start to gain red and pink colouration. [4]

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  • Hytec (Aztec Hypo)

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