First Produced By: Lars Brandle

Issues: Fertility Issues (Super Jungle)

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-02-15

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Jungle is an incomplete dominant mutation founded by Lars Brandle.

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Fertility Issues

Homozygous (Super) Jungles have a high rate of fertility issues.


This striking morph was originally developed and produced in Sweden by Lars Brandle. He had purchased a very large Boa with a zigzag pattern down it’s back from a Zoo in Sweden. He bred this animal to a normal Boa and produced some Jungles and normal looking Boas from the first breeding. He then bred one of the Jungle males back to its mother and produced some Super Jungles and Jungles. [1]

Peter Kahl - “Jungle Boas originated in Sweden and were produced by a good friend of mine by the name of Lars Brandle. He had purchased a very large boa with a zigzag (for lack of a better description) pattern down it’s back from a Zoo in Sweden. He bred this animal to a normal boa and produced some jungles and normal looking boas from the first breeding. He then bred one of the jungle males back to its mother and produced some super Jungles and jungles. Also, Jungles bred to normals will result in half of the babies being jungle. This proves finally that this is NOT a simple recessive genetic trait but dominate. We are scraping the term heterozygous for jungle, possible heterozygous for jungle boa constrictor. There will be jungle boa constrictors and super jungle boa constrictors. In other words the old jungle boas are super jungles and the possible heterozygous with the zigzag pattern are jungles.” [2]

Peter Kahl on the Super Jungle - "The Super Jungle is the Dominant form of the Jungle Boa and one of the most beautiful Boa Constrictors in the world. Started out in Sweden produced by Lars Brandel and imported to Peter Kahl Reptiles in the early 1990’s. After many years of frustration trying to breed these we figured out that they needed to be out bred to become genetically stronger. After ten years or more of hard work and perseverance, we now are actually producing the Super Jungles. It’s been a long time in the making but well worth it.

The super-jungle is the homozygous, dominant form of the jungle mutation. Super-jungle-boas look very clean overall with a light creamy background and have interconnected and reduced saddle patterns. Most have pastel looking sides with patches of pink showing through and are some of the best looking boas around.[3]

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Jungles can have holes within, or completely broken, spearhead markings. They also tend to have pinkish eyes, eyebrow like markings and bold markings around the front of the eyes.


The body of a Jungle displays extremely variable pattern aberrancies, though there is a common misconception that all Jungles have an aberrant pattern but this is not the case, in fact there many first class Jungles that have ‘normal’ patterns.

Jungles have clean patterning pattern with bright colouration. The saddle pattern along the dorsal can contain holes throughout and be generally less pointed/sharp in shape, with thick black outlines.

Blushing can be seen throughout the sides of the animal, with a line of freckles frequently displayed along the joint of the lateral and dorsal areas.

It generally has a very clean background with dark borders to the dorsal markings with varying amounts of aberrations from a nearly normally looking clean boa (low expression jungles) to full chain link type patterns , stripes and other aberrations (high expression jungles). [4]


The tail follows the same patterning and coloration as the rest of the body.

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  • VPI Albino Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (VPI))
  • VPI Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (VPI))
  • Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (Kahl))
  • Sharp Albino Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (Sharp))
  • Sharp Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (Sharp))
  • Super Tanglow (Super Hypo Super Jungle Albino (VPI))
  • Tanglow (Super Jungle Hypo Albino (VPI))

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