Type: Other

First Produced By: Cold-Hearted Exotics

Aliases: Enigma Paradox

First Produced In: 2016

Availability: Lower

Last Updated: 2022-07-19

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Enigma is a familial line of inheritable mosaicism “paradox” through paradominance.

Paradominance is described as such: animals that carry the paradominant gene appear normal, and the gene may go through several generations without ever expressing. The Paradox mutation only occurs when a postzygotic mutation occurs in the egg during early development. This mutation causes a lack of heterozygosity, meaning some of the alleles are turned off on parts of the skin, showing only homozygous or hemizygous genes in random splotches.

Chances of mosaicism increased when Enigma was bred back to his dam: 1/4 of the clutch exhibited paradoxing.

An Enigma Line Ivory DH Albino Granite (not exhibiting mosaic attributes) bred to a completely unrelated male, also produced by Cold-Hearted Exotics, resulted in paradoxed animals, proving second generation breedings may result in mosaicism.

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Enigma’s line began with a female Hypo Granite female who produced paradoxed animals in every clutch, regardless of the male used. Enigma, a Hypo Granite Paradox DH Albino Green was the first to be produced.

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Visual mosaic animals from this line will have two mutations expressed, i.e. Hypo and Normal patches at the same time. This can be either a single spot, or completely mottled.

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