Pine Island

Aliases: PI

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First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-01-05

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New Caledonia, where all of these animals originate from, consists of the main island, Grand Terre (“large land”) or GT for short, and many offshore islands, including the Island of Pines (Pine Island), which are two places that the Chahoua in captivity originate from.

Chahoua generally top out at 50 grams – 65 grams, although some may reach as much 100+ grams. Adult GT are generally in the 40 gram – 60 gram range, whereas Pine Island locale animals are generally 50 grams or (even much) greater. [1]

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Pine Island Chahouas have smaller eyes and longer snouts than Mainlands.


The Pine Island locales tend to be larger and will reach anywhere up to a hundred grams and 12 inches in length, including their tail.

Pine Island Chahoua are generally more expensive than GT and are widely considered to exhibit a longer snout, less bulbous eyes, and are often longer and a bit more slender looking. [2]

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