First Produced By: Rich Zuchowski

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 1991

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-06-02

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As suggested by the morph name, caramel corn snakes are generally a warm brown color with undertones of yellow.

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Rich Zuchowski purchased a corn snake with strong yellow undertones from a pet store in Cape Coral, Florida. He bred her to a snow and produced all normal babies. After breeding those babies together, caramels and butters were the result.

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The head of a caramel corn will display the typical corn snake head pattern, usually a V-shape behind the eyes with a wide band across the nose. Other head patterns are possible. The head color of an adult caramel corn ranges from yellow to golden brown. The background color is usually more gray-based with yellow mixed in. The eyes typically match the saddle color, golden or brown, and will have a black pupil.


The body of a caramel corn will have typical saddles, sometimes with reduced borders. The colors can range from brown to dark yellow, with a lighter background color. Some individuals will be low contrast, usually dark yellow saddles on a slightly lighter yellow background color. Some examples may even seem to have a slight greenish tint. Red is generally not present at all in caramel corns.

Hatchlings typically have very different colors than adults. They hatch out very dark brown with a light gray background color and just a hint of yellow in the background color on the head and at the base of the neck. To someone unfamiliar with hatchling caramels, they might mistake them for aneries. Usually within a shed or two, the colors will have begun to fill in.


The belly of a caramel corn will have typical black and white checkers. Some may have the saddle color mixed in with the black checkers.


The tail will match the body color and pattern.

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  • Almond (Caramel Lavender)
  • Amaretto (Caramel Hypo Lavender)
  • Amber (Caramel Hypo)
  • Butter (Amelanistic Caramel)
  • Caramel Shatter (Caramel Cinder Sunkissed)
  • Caramot (Caramel Motley)
  • Citrine (Amelanistic Anerythristic Caramel Hypo)
  • Gold Dust (Caramel 100% Het Amelanistic 100% Het Ultra)
  • Honey (Caramel Sunkissed)
  • Lemon Stripe (Caramel Hypo Stripe Sunkissed)
  • Saffron (Amelanistic Caramel Sunkissed)
  • Sulfur (Amelanistic Caramel Diffused)
  • Sundust (Caramel Sunkissed 100% Het Amelanistic 100% Het Ultra)
  • Topaz (Caramel Lava)
  • Xanthic Snow (Amelanistic Anerythristic Caramel)

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