First Produced By: Kathy Love

Aliases: Anery B

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 1984

Availability: Average

Last Updated: 2022-06-02

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Charcoal is a recessive mutation

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Kathy and Bill Love purchased an unusual looking gray corn snake that lacked the typical yellow that Aneries have. The snake was supposedly wild caught from Pine Island in Florida. After breeding her to a Snow, she produced both normal and Anery babies, which meant that although she was het for Anery, she was not homozygous Anery.

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The head of a Charcoal corn snake typically will match the body colors, with a normal head pattern. Some will exhibit a slightly faded head compared to the body. Baby Charcoals usually have blue “eyebrows” directly above the eyes where the eyeball is actually faintly visible beneath the scales. The eyes are usually black, blue, or silver with a black pupil. Some examples will have a light pink blush on the cheeks. Pastel yellow may be present on the sides of the neck, but it is often faint and limited to a small area.


Distinguishing between Anerythristic and Charcoal can sometimes be quite challenging. In general, Charcoals will be lower contrast than Aneries, with a more blueish or silvery appearance, and generally lacking any brown, which some Aneries have. The saddles are typically a medium gray, with a lighter gray background color. They can vary significantly in what shade of gray predominates them, with some examples being very light gray and others being very dark. No red or orange will be present.


Bellies have typical checkers, but they are usually brownish or gray at maturity. Babies usually hatch with black checkers.


The tail will match the color and pattern of the body.

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  • Blizzard (Amelanistic Charcoal)
  • Diamond (Charcoal Lava)
  • Pewter (Charcoal Diffused)
  • Phantom (Charcoal Hypo)
  • Platinum (Anerythristic Charcoal Hypo)
  • Powder (Amelanistic Anerythristic Charcoal Hypo)
  • Quartz (Amelanistic Anerythristic Charcoal Diffused)
  • Whiteout (Amelanistic Charcoal Diffused)
  • Wraith (Charcoal Hypo Lavender)

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