Pied Sided

Type: Other

First Produced By: Don Soderberg , Brad McDonald, Walter Smith

Aliases: PS

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 1990s

Availability: Lower

Last Updated: 2022-01-20

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Pied Sided is a mutation first produced in the 90s.

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Although most people consider pied sided a recessive gene, the inheritance method that determines the amount of expression is not clear. Two pied sided parents can produce a range of offspring, including babies with no pied areas.


Walter Smith bred together two pied sided corns he acquired from Brad McDonald and Don Soderberg. The babies from that pairing produced regular looking bloodred corns. After that, both Brad McDonald and Don Soderberg went on to continue the project and were able to produce more pied sided corns.

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Hatchlings typically have very gray, “bald” heads with highly reduced pattern. As they age, the gray will fill in with red or dark orange. Spots of pied may be present on top of the head. Eyes will match the body color and have a black pupil.


Pied sided corns typically will have patches of white, in varying amounts, coming up the sides of the snake. They can come in four varieties - no expression (this is where both parents are pied sided but the baby does not show any pied), low expression, medium expression, and high expression. Regardless of the level of expression, pied sided corns will usually have excellent lateral and dorsal diffusion, with very little or no pattern anywhere on the body. Baby pied sided corns hatch out looking very different than adults. They typically have dark red, brown, or burgundy saddles on a gray or tan background. The lateral diffusion will already be present at hatching. The pied areas may be somewhat difficult to see because they start off more translucent and gain white coloration with age.


The belly of a pied sided corn will be completely white with absolutely no checkers. The centers of the scales may be translucent and there may also be some color bleed or flecks of red or orange.


The tail will match the body pattern and color.

Proven Lines

SMR Line
McDonald Line

Related Traits

Pied sided appears to be linked to diffused. So far the only morphs that can be pied sided are ones with diffused as a base gene.


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