First Produced By: Gerold Merker

Aliases: Ultra Hypo

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 2001

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2022-06-14

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Ultra is a recessive mutation.

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In early days, this name Ultra Hypo was used to denote a hypomelanistic looking cornsnake selected for very bright coloration. Starting in about 2003, a suspected new form of Hypomelanism was discovered and somehow this same name got attached to it.

Exotics by Nature Co: "I have been in the Corn snake mutation hobby since I was a young teen in the 1990’s. I am the owner of the Exotics by Nature Company so my past and accomplishments can be easily vetted. If you want the TRUE ORIGIN of the ULTRA gene then I will tell it here for the permanent record.

I first showed these ULTRAMEL Corns labeled as T+? Albino starting as early as 2001. The founding stock was all purchased as standard “Hypomelanistic” Corns from the legendary Merker’s! Gerold and Cindy Merker themselves, probably unbeknownst to them completely! I first showed Don Soderberg these animals at ETHS Houston 2001 and at that same show he also saw a completely unrelated project from Andy Barr that turned out to be a hybrid. Don’s memory has clouded these two distinctly different lines in his recollection of that fateful Sunday afternoon. The T+? animals were all produced from animals that I purchased directly from the Merker’s.

CRAZY FACT… If you search back to a Late 90’s reptile magazine article in the center feature on Cornsnakes. The infamous Reptiles Magazine centerfold was in fact a “Hypomelanistic Cornsnake” Photo courtesy of Gerold and Cindy Merker and that is IN FACT the very first known ULTRA CORN!!" [1]

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The body of an Ultra corn typically is lighter or brighter than a Hypomelanistic corn. They are usually shades of light orange and red. They lack the characteristic black borders of a normal corn, and instead have brown or gray.


The belly checkers of an Ultra corn will typically be shades of brown or gray.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines

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This allele for this new form shares the same locus as amelanism, and caused early breeding efforts to have some confusing results until this was understood. [2]


  • Aurora (Sunrise 100% Het Amelanistic 100% Het Ultra)
  • Creamsicko (100% Het Amelanistic 100% Het Ultra)
  • Gold Dust (Caramel 100% Het Amelanistic 100% Het Ultra)
  • Sundust (Caramel Sunkissed 100% Het Amelanistic 100% Het Ultra)
  • Ultramel (100% Het Amelanistic 100% Het Ultra)

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