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Last Updated: 2021-11-24

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Base pattern of the gecko, generally a black or dark brown pigmentation, which changes based upon being fired up or down. When fired up, this is when the maximum amount of pigment is exhibited. When fired down, the pigment expressing cells are inactive and are either greatly muted or not visible. We have two main basic base pattern categories: Striped and Reticulated. From there, we have other forms that are also important to note individually: Super Stripe, Banded, Mosaic and Mottled. [1]


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The head has the same camouflaged patterning.


The body of the Reticulated Gargoyle Gecko is covered in a random netted patterning that closely resembles tree bark. Colours tend to alternate between one another down the body.


The belly is unaffected by this trait.


The tail follows the same patterning and coloration as the rest of the body.


This pattern category has been used to describe the ‘wild type’ patterning in Gargoyles and used to be the more common pattern found. However, this is not the case; there are many wild gargoyles that are striped and/or showing colors other than brown. [1:1]

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