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Sorong-types are a sample of the specimens found in the north-western region of the Papua New Guinea island near the coastal city Sorong. [1]

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Manokwari’s can sometimes be found with many lateral blue spots and striped blue lines in their face. Manokwari also have smaller heads and shorter snouts [2]


Similar to Sorong locality, Manokwari green tree pythons are known for their blue dorsal stripe and are normally lighter in colour than the vibrant green shades found in Aru’s or Merauke’s. When hatched Manokwari green tree pythons tend to be a mix of red and yellow neonates, however the dorsal markings can be quite different between the two. Yellow neonates normally display a bold purplish-brown stripe with tear drop like diamond markings, which turn into a beautiful blue shade through the ontogenic change. Whereas the red kids have the same dorsal markings, however the diamond shapes tend to be more pronounced, and triangular like with a green centre. [3]

It is also not uncommon to see single white scales dotted around the animal. [4]


Their tails almost always show a mix of black and blue markings, beginning darkest at the very tip and lightening towards the vent. Normally the tail is longer and more tapered than the Aru island type, and shorter and not as pointed as the Biak island type. On the whole, Chondros from the Sorong group, and the locations of Manokwari, Arfak and Nabire. tend to be smaller in size compared to other tree Python races. [5]

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