White Sided

First Produced By: Tim Ricks

Aliases: Whitewalled

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 2000

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-04-10

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White Sided is a recessive mutation.

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The first White Sided Florida is reported to have been hatched by Tim Ricks from breeding a Lemke Axanthic to a normal Florida King in an attempt to correct some of the fertility issues from them being inbred too much. They became very popular when Lemke produced them, but they had fertility problems early on. The first White Sided popped out from the Hets that were produced, and later test breeding proved that the gene was present in the normal animal being used in the project, and not the Axanthic. [1]

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This gene does just what the name implies. It wipes the sides of the animal clean, though some may still have a bit of “dirty newsprint” lingering on parts of the sides.

This gene also seems to wash away all of the colors on the dorsal length of the snake, except certain amounts of yellow. When combined with certain other genes, the results are an almost completely white snake. [2]


The White Sided Kings are the most “Folklore” snakes in the Florida King hobby. So many rumors floating around about the origins of these Kings, and how they were made from White Sided Black Rats, and then cleaned up to look like Florida Kings through selective breeding.

White Sided gene has popped up in an array of Colubrids, and even a Python, and a Rattlesnake. It’s not that hard to believe they could pop up in a line of Florida Kings. There already is a line in Speckled Kings from Louisiana, and another from Texas. [3]

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