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Last Updated: 2021-12-15

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These geckos are one of the largest recognized forms of Leachianus.
They have very long tails, with an elongated head. These Leachies are known to weigh over 400g while reaching upwards of 15inches in total length. [1]

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The “most wanted ” between Leachianus. With a size from 300 to 400 grams, a very long tail and nose and a colour from deep green to jet black these animals are one of the less patterned animals of the Grande Terre. [3]

They are often angry animals that bite easily and without hesitation if disturbed. They are very territorial and can be very irritable. Do not disturb them, especially at night!


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Typical colours are a dark olive green to a dark chocolate brown in the “dark morph” varieties and they usually exhibit little or no white markings. However uncommon, if markings are apparent, they can be thin white lines or rows of lighter spots along the sides of the animal. With age, yellow markings are not uncommon. Bodies are typically long and slender. [2]


The tail of the Poindimié Leachianus Gecko follows the same bark like colouration as the rest of body.

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