Bold Stripe

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Last Updated: 2022-02-14

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Genetically, Bold Stripes are thought to be Line Bred although some say they are recessive. Line Bred and Recessive Bold Stripes are currently being considered the same Genotype. [1]

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The head is unaffected by this trait.


The body of the Bold Stripe Leopard Gecko display a pattern-free yellow dorsal betwixt dark pigmetented lines which give this trait its name.

Leopard Geckos possessing a wide stripe of light ground color down the mid-dorsum, flanked by lines of dark patterning are often marketed as Bold-Stripe. [2]


The belly is unaffected by this trait


The tail is unaffected by this trait.


We believed the morph to be polygenetic in the beginning, but now after years of working with them we believe the Bold to be polygenetic and the Stripe to be polygenetic but to have incomplete dominant tendencies (jungle x jungle produced 25% banded/aberrant, 50% jungles and 25% striped and breeding stripe x jungle the offspring were roughly 50% stripes and 50% jungles). [3]

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