Murphy Patternless

First Produced By: Pat Murphy

Aliases: Leucistic

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 1991

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-01-04

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Originally produced by Pat Murphy in 1991, the Murphy Patternless is a leopard gecko which lacks all pattern. Throughout the generations, breeders have been able to incorporate the Carrot Tail into the Murphy Patternless leopard geckos. [1]

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As a hatchling, they will hatch with a lightly colored body with random tan, gray, or brown markings on the body. By the age of 10 months, the markings will have completely faded and the gecko’s body color will vary between yellow and a deep purple. [2]

Proven Lines

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Related Traits

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  • Banana Blizzard (Blizzard Murphy Patternless)
  • Cyclone (Albino (Rainwater) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)
  • Ember (Albino (Tremper) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)
  • Predator (Albino (Bell) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)
  • Snowflake (Snow (Mack) Albino (Tremper) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)
  • Super Platinum (Super Snow (Mack) Murphy Patternless)
  • Vortex (Enigma Albino (Rainwater) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)

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