Murphy Patternless

First Produced By: Pat Murphy

Aliases: Leucistic, PA, Patternless, MP, Patty.

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 1991

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2022-02-14

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Originally produced by Pat Murphy in 1991, the Murphy Patternless is a leopard gecko which lacks all pattern. Throughout the generations, breeders have been able to incorporate the Carrot Tail into the Murphy Patternless leopard geckos. [1]

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This was the first true simple recessive genetic mutation to be produced. After over twenty years of breeding Leopard geckos in captivity, imagine the surprise of finally getting a true mutation! Why did it take so long? Well, Leopard Geckos have small territories and probably do not travel far in search of mates in the wild. So they seem to have a natural resistance to inbreeding.

Originally marketed as ‘Leucistic’ and sometimes still labeled as such by some breeders. Today the name Murphy Patternless is gaining usage to help in distinguishing them from other lines of patternless appearing geckos entering the marketplace. [2]

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Adults have normal colored eyes.


As a hatchling, they will hatch with a lightly colored body with random tan, gray, or brown markings on the body. By the age of 10 months, the markings will have completely faded and the gecko’s body color will vary between yellow and a deep purple. [3]


Improperly classified as a “leucistic” mutation, this name stuck and is still used. This will cause confusion when other types of patternless genes are discovered and/or when the first truly leucistic leopard geckos appear in the future. It is necessary that we abolish the term “leucistic” and call this morph the “Murphy patternless,” in honor of its founder. [4]

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  • Banana Blizzard (Blizzard Murphy Patternless)
  • Cyclone (Albino (Rainwater) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)
  • Ember (Albino (Tremper) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)
  • Predator (Albino (Bell) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)
  • Snowflake (Snow (Mack) Albino (Tremper) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)
  • Super Platinum (Super Snow (Mack) Murphy Patternless)
  • Vortex (Enigma Albino (Rainwater) Eclipse Murphy Patternless)

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