Candy Stripe

First Produced By: Rainbows-r-us-reptiles

Aliases: CS

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 2011

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2021-12-31

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An incomplete dominant trait that displays as dorsal striping in het form (“Candy Stripe”) and creates an aberrant pattern with base color reduction in the homogenous state. [1]

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Rainbows-r-us-reptiles: In 2007, a local girl produced a litter of baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa’s that showed some promising dorsal zig-zag striping. She brought them over and I bought 1.1 of them at 4 days old. My intent was to raise them up in hopes of working out a line of zig-zag striped Brazilian Rainbow Boas.

I bred these two together in 2011 and I do track all the breeding details so I had an estimated due date of 10/12/2011. I was watching her, she was clearly gravid. I was still hoping for more zig-zag stripes but was not thinking this litter to be anything super special. I was oh so wrong.

On 10/08, four days before her due date, I walked into the BRB room to find find Zoe’s cage door all fogged up and this little gem in the corner on the right side door hinge.

I saw some normal ones slithering around and then spotted this other odd looking baby on the left side hinge.

As I was pulling babies I find four FULL stripe babies…

11/05/2012 - Zoe and Ziggy had a second litter of babies with more Super Candy Stripes.

0.2 Super Candy Stripes
0.3 Candy Stripes
0.1 Possible Candy Stripe
2.1 Normals [2]

F3 Super Candy Stripes and Candy Stripes were produced in 2019 [3]

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Has a dark head, pink tongue and split frontal scale.[4]


Heterozygous expression ( Candy Stripe) is dorsal striping with intense coloration.
Homozygous expression (Super Candy Stripe) is full body striping. [5]

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