First Produced By: Bob Clark

Issues: Wobble (Super Motley)

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-04-07

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Motley is an incomplete dominant mutation.

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  • Super Motleys display a wobble.


The original line of Motley occurred spontaneously in Bob Clarks collection from a female reticulated python that was produced from the first breeding of the original albino retic. Bob didn’t produce Motleys with normal coloration until the second year of breeding. [1]

Reach out Reptiles produced a new line of Motley from a 2018 Kalatoa pairing that didn’t have Motley present. [2]

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The head of the Motley reticulated python is usually a solid metal colour with the usual line down the center of the head.


The body of the Motley reticulated python is covered in a dirty metal colouration with most of the geometric patterning of a Normal reticulated python being stripped back, emphasizing the remaining circular dorsal pattern.

Snakes of this morph have very reduced side patterns and the dorsal pattern, at one extreme, may be two longitudinal parallel lines or at the other, perfect, dorsally centered circles. [3]


The tail of the Motley reticulated python follows the same patterning as the rest of the body.

Proven Lines

Bob Clark has proven out four completely unrelated lines of Motley Reticulated Pythons throughout they years, with reports of a fifth being proven out in Indonesia.

Reach Out Reptiles produced a Super Dwarf Kalatoa Motley line in 2018.

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