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This is probably the most well known and most desired of any locale. These are the true “giants” of the Retic world, they are also sometimes considered “Yellow Heads.” Sulawesi is one of the largest localities of Reticulated Pythons. [1]

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Their head is usually a gray colour with faint yellow glow. They sometimes have spotting, up to four spots on the back of the head have been observed. Their eyes typically change to a gold/green color, however many different variations of eye color have been documented. [2]


“Makassar” Sulawesi

These are almost identical in size and appearance to the “Classic” Sulawesi, they have been more readily available than the “Classics” the past few years. They may actually be the “Classics” with a new name in order to make more money for the importer. This would be because of the 32 ft (9.75 m) record holder found near Makassar in 1912. Makassar is actually a port on the southwestern coast of the island of Celebes/Sulawesi. [3]


Butan Island is located just off the South East coast of Celebes/Sulawesi. Specimens that have come in as Butan locale have a very similar look to “Classic”/“Makassar” Sulawesis. Their adult size is assumedly just as large but the truth is that not much is known about this rare locality. [4]

Proven Lines


Palopo have crazy “chain link” or “rope like” patterns. They are collected a little ways further north than the “Makassar” Retics. Supposedly a fair amount of the specimens in captivity eyes have turned into Onyx looking black color. [5]

Selayer (P. r. saputrai)

The island of Selayar is found south of Makassar and north of Tanahjampea. These resemble Sulawesis in appearance. They, like the Sulawesis, have weird eye colors which develop with age. They are said to max out at around 12’-15’, because of this they are typically labeled as dwarves. Selayar Retics are a legitimate subspecies. [6]

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