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Stripe is a dominant mutation. The stripe gene seems to express itself very differently based on the % of rufescens blood present. All striped sand boa are part rufescens.[1]


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The head of the striped Sand Boa can vary from the usual mask markings of a Normal Sand Boa to being near completely covered in dark colouration.


The body of the Stripe Sand Boa is completely covered in dark brown/black colouration, made up of the splotches spreading throughout the body, bar the dorsal and random spotting down the sides which retains the colouration of a Normal Sand Boas.

Some non-striped animals from stripe/rufescens pairing exhibit an appearance call “Tiger.” This is an animal with greatly reduced orange, arranged in “tiger stripes.” [2]


The tail of the Stripe Sand Boa follows the same patterning as the rest of the body.


Some breeders have brought up the possibility that the stripe gene is not really a single-gene dominant trait, but rather poly-genetic. [3]

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