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Couldn’t be more please with Don, his reputation behind SMR exceeds expectations. He was informative and willing to help in anyway. This is the place to buy from !
Thanks, David. Write anytime you have questions. Have a great week.
Rating by d***3 for 16" ♂ Miami Okeetee Corn Snake ($226.00)
Very quick transaction. Answered all my questions and knew his snakes well. Snake is in perfect health and my snake is so sweet. You can tell a lot of care went into him before he came to me. I’m so happy!
Thanks, Haillie. Write ANYtime you have questions.
Rating by k***h for 10" ♂ Albino Western Hognose ($290.99)
Absolutely great experience. Don deserves every good review he has and you can tell he is passionate about his work and the wellbeing of his snakes. New guy arrived healthy, alert, and on time. Will definitely recommend this shop to everyone I know.
Thank you, Lauren. Feel free to write ANYtime you have snake questions. No limit to the number of questions, and unlike some so-called corn snake experts out there--who charge $ for answering qustions--I'm in this for the education.
Rating by e***h for 18" ♂ Sunkissed HET Strawberry Corn Snake ($161.00)
My snake arrived quickly and well packed. I'm very happy with my purchase.
Thanks for the greathe great review, Justin. Write anytime you have snake questions.
Rating by j***3 for 18" ♂ Amel Tessera Corn Snake ($166.00)
Packaging was fantastic, shipping time was fantastic, Don is fantastic and responded to my email about a weather concern immediately. He is very professional and friendly. My new girl is healthy and so stunning. I highly, highly recommend SMR!!!
Thank you, Mariel. Write anytime you have questions. Stay safe out there.
Rating by s***2 for 26" ♀ Bloodred Tessera Corn Snake ($325.99)
Had some trouble with shipping but wasn’t really his fault snake came packaged very nice he is a beautiful snake Ashton was great and answered all my questions
Who is Ashton? I'm trying to look up your order, so I can cross-check it with FedEx to discover what happened with shipping. Whose name is on the order, so I can look up the FedEx tracking report for your order? Thanks in advance.
Rating by t***3 for 10" ♂ Albino Western Hognose ($291.00)
Great communication, quick and efficient shipping, and the snake arrived in beautiful shape.
Glad you like your new SMR pet. Write anytime you have questions about snakes. Best regards, Don
Rating by g***s for 8" ♀ Albino Western Hognose ($349.00)
I received the snake on time and the communication was very good between the seller. I recommend this buyer to anyone looking to buy a snake. Thank you for you time in your breeding process.
Thanks, Jason. Write anytime you have questions. ANYtime.
Rating by j***2 for 10" ♂ Albino Western Hognose ($255.00)
Outstanding service, communication and high quality snake Would buy from smr again without reservations
Thanks, Ryan. Write ANYtime you have questions, inquiries, or just wanna talk CORN.
Rating by r***s for 20" ♀ Bloodred Corn Snake ($221.00)
Great communication, very appreciated!
write anytime you have questions. We appreciate your business.
Rating by f***e for 14" ♂ Tessera Corn Snake ($196.00)
Received this nice yearling cornsnake from Don. The packaging was great, and the snake is robust and healthy. Thanks Don!
Thanks, Kathy. Write anytime you have questions. Great weekend to you.
Rating by i***1 for 24" ♂ Striped Caramel Corn Snake ($195.00)
Don and his legendary SMR corn snakes never disappoint! Great customer service too!
Rating by a***r for 13" ♀ Boot Key Corn Snake ($266.00)
This is my second corn snake purchased from SMR and she is just as gorgeous as the first girl I bought a year ago. Highly recommend Don for your next corn snake.
Thanks, Jessica. We appreciate your business AND your kind review, but mostly, we appreciate a fellow corn snake keeper. Write ANYtime you have snake questions or inquiries.
Rating by r***k for 12" ♀ Miami Okeetee Corn Snake ($246.00)
Excellent experience! Packaged super well and snake is active. Don is very communicative, patient and helpful whenever I have questions. Wonderful seller/store!
Rating by h***y for 12" ♂ Striped Coral Snow Corn Snake ($181.00)
I've bought from Don before and this was another great transaction. His customer service is outstanding. He is truly a gem in our hobby.
Rating by r***o for 14" ♂ Anery Motley Corn Snake ($221.00)
Gorgeous, healthy snake. Shipped fast and excellent communication. Don went out of his way with shipping details to ensure everything went smoothly. He's truly the 'King of Corns'!
Thanks, Robert. Write ANYtime you have questions.
Rating by r***7 for 13" ♀ Buckskin Extreme Okeetee Corn Snake ($195.99)
Very nice seller, fast reply, and nice snake as he described!
we appreciate your review, Jialin. Feel free to write anytime you have snake questions. We appreciate your business.
Rating by t***e for 13" ♂ MicroScale Corn Snake ($1,450.97)
I received a corn snake that arrived in great shape! He was a little on the small side, but readily ate when food was offered. The seller had excellent communication, answered my questions very thoroughly, and shipped the snake quickly.
Thank you for the review. All corns average 11" long when they hatch. The siblings of this one are the same size. We never sell a snake that has ever refused a meal, so your new pet is exactly the size most corns are at this tender age.
Rating by b***n for 12" ♂ ZagTec Corn Snake ($231.00)
Great communication and beautiful snake. Very friendly right out of the box. Ate for me no problem.
Thanks, Donna. Write ANYtime you have questions.
Rating by w***s for 14" ♀ Coral Anery Motley Corn Snake ($221.00)
The snake is just as described and beautiful. No kinks or issues. Wonderful first pet snake. Seller responded promptly to ensure a safe delivery and andswered any questions. Knowledgeable and recommend this seller for future pet buyers.
Thanks for your feedback and review. Write ANYtime you have snake questions.
Rating by m***0 for 23" ♀ Het Corn Snake ($141.00)
Thanks Don for yet another amazing animal!! A++ seller.
Rating by m***s for 14" ♀ Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake ($220.00)
Amazing animal Don! Thank you!! A++
Rating by m***s for 13" ♀ Anery Motley Corn Snake ($220.00)
Don is the most trustworthy, honest and caring guy in the business. My only regret - is not doing business with him sooner. Amazing animals!!
Thanks a million (or is that BILLION these days?). I appreciate you.
Rating by m***s for 14" ♂ Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake ($176.00)
Don produces top quality snakes and I couldn't be happier with the boy I got from him. Communication was quick and to the point, which I'm good with. Would definitely buy from SMR, again! Thank you, Don!
Thanks very much for your flattering reference, Marleah. Write anytime you have questions.
Rating by n***s for 20" ♂ Honey Motley Corn Snake ($181.00)
This was my first order from Don, and there will be more in the future. Questions were promptly, and fully answered, shipping was fast, and well packaged. The corn snake I received is healthy, and quite good looking.
Thanks, Matt. Write anytime you have snake questions, about corns or anything else.
Rating by c***n for 20" ♂ Het Scaleless Corn Snake ($161.00)
Thanks, Jazz.
Rating by j***y for 18" ♂ High-white Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake ($245.00)
Don was awesome. Full of knowledge! Snake was exactly as described. Would definitely recommend!!
Thanks, Kellom. If ya ever decide to Visit Big Bend Natl. Park, I'll give you snake hunting tips. Stay safe.
Rating by a***g for 42" ♂ Albino California Kingsnake ($261.00)
Another great transaction and another great animal!
Thanks, Mark. We appreciate your continued patronage.
Rating by m***e for 19" ♀ Sunkissed Okeetee Corn Snake ($226.00)
Very pleased with the transaction. Easy to deal with, great communication and healthy animals sent. Highly recommended seller. Thanks!
Rating by s***5 for 18" ♀ Het Palmetto Corn Snake ($210.00)
100% will buy from again. Very easy interaction and a very beautiful corn snake! Very happy with my purchase
Thank you, Keely. Feel free to write ANYtime you have questions or inquiries. We appreciate your business.
Rating by c***4 for 20" ♀ Extreme Okeetee Corn Snake ($196.00)
Don is an exceptional person with a lot of snake experience and willing to share it with me. I would highly recommend purchasing a snake through Don. He speaks to you with a humble attitude and does not make you feel in comfortable in any way.
Thanks, Mark. Write ANYtime you have snake questions.
Rating by j***2 for 26" ♂ Striped Bloodred Corn Snake ($361.00)
Don was fantastic to work with. The corn snakes arrived safe and even prettier in person. Our zoo will do business with him again.
Thanks for the positive review, Crystal. Of course, the Butters will be very much more deeply yellow at maturity. Write ANYtime.
Rating by r***o for 17" ♀ Butter Corn Snake ($196.00)
Seller is always quick to reply to my questions and emails. This snake is a handsome boy and looks just like the picture. Packaging was perfect. Overall extremely happy and will be looking to buy my next snake from this seller again!
Thanks very much, Ryan. Write ANYtime you have questions.
Rating by r***2 for 18" ♂ Miami Okeetee Corn Snake ($236.00)
Don is awesome! His snakes are beautiful, we are so honored to have one of his hatchlings. He even threw in a few extra goodies for us in the shipping box :D
Thanks. Write ANYtime you have snake questions.
Rating by c***s for 20" ♀ Striped Amel Corn Snake ($176.00)
Don is a great guy who provides excellent customer service. His snakes are top quality too. Very happy with my purchase and the whole experience.
Rating by s***k for 13" ♂ Charcoal Terrazzo Corn Snake ($236.00)
Don is a great guy who provides excellent customer service. His snakes are top quality too. Very happy with my purchase and the whole experience.
Thanks, Michael.
Rating by s***k for 16" ♀ Charcoal Terrazzo Corn Snake ($236.00)
Beautiful animal! Great service
Thanks, Donald. We appreciate your trust in us.
Rating by d***h for 18" ♂ Red Factor Amel Corn Snake ($231.00)
Awesome business! Don is the best!
Thanks, Donald.
Rating by d***h for 22" ♀ Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake ($171.00)
Every thing was as smooth as can be. Great communication, packaging was perfect, snake arrived healthy and I cannot wait to do more business with them!
We appreciate your review and your business. Call on us whenever you have snake questions.
Rating by m***2 for 19" ♀ Red Factor Okeetee Corn Snake ($196.00)
Awesome snake and fast shipping 🐍👍
Rating by s***n for 24" ♀ Ultramel Corn Snake ($158.00)
This was an awesome experience.. Don is incredibly knowledgeable and was more than willing to answer every single question I had. I will absolutely be purchasing from SMR again.
Thanks, Sheena. My pleasure to help ppl share my passion for snakes.
Rating by h***5 for 10" ♀ Red Western Hognose ($326.00)
The snake I received was exactly as advertised. There was issuse with FedEx which SMR handle promply and did there best to keep me updated and informed. The snake ended up staying in shipping box longer than planned but arrived alive and healthy. Tha
Thanks for the thumbs-up, Chris.
Rating by c***1 for 8" ♀ Red Western Hognose ($326.00)
Perfect in every way!
Rating by j***y for 16" ♂ Scaleless Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake ($696.00)
Always maintains communication, always provides perfect packaging. SMR is the pinnacle of service.
Thanks, Mark. Write ANYtime you have questions, old friend.
Rating by 6***s for 6" ♂ Albino Western Hognose ($296.00)
Gorgeous snake, exactly as described. Don Soderberg, the breeder, has been communicating with me via email about this snake and has answered all my questions thoughtfully. Thank you so much!
Rating by r***k for 14" ♀ Buf Amel Okeetee Corn Snake ($221.00)
Excellent animal and buying experience!
We appreciate your appreciation of SMR and our snakes. Thank you.
Rating by m***e for 15" ♀ Red Factor Amel Corn Snake ($191.00)
Don is such a pleasure to work with! He’s got so much knowledge, and he’s willing and happy to share it. A+ seller, don’t hesitate! This is a beautiful snake, very inquisitive and curious. I already love him. 💚
Thanks for the positive review, Tobi. Write ANYtime you have snake questions.
Rating by i***i for 13" ♂ Candy Cane Tessera Corn Snake ($285.00)
Very promp on email replies. Received ordered snake 2 days later. Snake was very well packaged and was not stressed at all. She ate 2 hours after i received her. Extremely happy and will definitely recommend SMR for all my reptile purchases.thankyou!
We are pleased that you are pleased. Also, we appreciate your business. Thank you.
Rating by s***1 for 11" ♀ Miami Okeetee Corn Snake ($221.00)
South Mountain Reptiles exceeds their standards with quality animals amazing customer service and top-notch knowledge within their field of genetics and experience. Why look anywhere else… Superior reputation. Thank you Joe
Rating by j***3 for 13" ♂ Extreme Okeetee Tessera Corn Snake ($175.00)
Nothing ever bad to say about purchasing Snakes from South Mountain Reptiles. Highly recommend them as a company and as done as an individual you won’t be disappointed …… my expectations have always been exceeded by the results!
We appreciate your appreciation.
Rating by j***3 for 13" ♀ Butter Corn Snake ($161.00)