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My snake arrived in great health and she was shipped quickly.
Rating by h***3 for Axanthic Anaconda Western Hognose ($600.00)
The snake arrived healthy and happy. Nice and active. The seller responded quickly to a MorphMarket Inquiry, however they did not respond quickly to their inquiry on their website which is how they want you to purchase. Not a big deal. Positive revie
Rating by l***i for Mexican Black Kingsnake ($300.00)
I bought 2 on the same purchase. Very helpful with questions I had. Good communication. Willing to help with anything I needed. Would recommend.
Rating by b***9 for Arctic Western Hognose ($400.00)
Seller was wonderful! Our new snakey is beautiful and healthy! I would definitely work with them again in the future!
Thank you very much! We hope you enjoy your new snake!
Rating by c***2 for Anaconda, 100% Het Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($375.00)
Great customer service, was very nice and prompt.
Rating by j***t for 100% Het Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($250.00)
Beautiful little guy and I couldn't be more thrilled.
Rating by m***n for Red/Extreme Red Albino Western Hognose ($350.00)
I am very happy with the snakes I received and the buying experience.
Rating by p***w for Coral Snow Corn Snake ($275.00)
The fast communication and even faster shipping make Geckos Etc the best company I have dealt with. My Hognose is prettier than described and in great shape.
Rating by m***7 for Red Anaconda, 100% Het Albino Western Hognose ($450.00)
Good condition and excellent services
Rating by m***7 for Red, 100% Het Evans Hypo, 100% Het Albino) Western Hognose ($350.00)
Excellent service will definitely purchase Reptiles from them again
Thank you very much Sander! We hope you enjoy your new snakes!
Rating by s***z for Anaconda, 100% Het Albino Western Hognose ($350.00)
for my first live shipped animal this was far from what i had imagined, with shipping being spotty during the pandemic. my animal arrived in a day, and was healthy. he's doing great now and has gained weight/length
Rating by n***e for Snow Motley Corn Snake ($175.00)
Awesome experience. There was an issue with the shipping, not Geckos fault, and they called me and personally checked on my boy to make sure he was okay. He arrived safely and in beautiful condition.
Rating by a***s for Axanthic Western Hognose ($450.00)
We received our Western Hognose in excellent condition, exactly as described. Geckos Etc. answered several questions for me via email before his arrival, and were always prompt and went out of their way to be helpful.
Thank you very much! We hope you enjoy your new snake!
Rating by a***r for Toffeeconda Western Hognose ($450.00)
Geckos Etc. has good animals at good prices. Communication takes a little bit longer than some other breeders but most of those breeders aren't as big as Geckos Etc. I like Geckos Etc. I will use them again for sure.
Rating by n***7 for Candy (AKA Toffee Superconda) Western Hognose ($700.00)
The seller was very responsive and knowledgeable. Aside from a delay by FedEx everything went smoothly and I would gladly purchase from the again.
Thank you very much! We hope you enjoy your new snake!
Rating by r***o for Red Albino Anaconda Western Hognose ($500.00)
They do not answer the phone no matter when you call, but they reply to emails promptly. They answered all of my questions and shipped the animal out quickly. Very good service overall. I’ve had my snake for two months and he is doing great!
Rating by e***s for Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($300.00)
healthy, quality animals. quick communication, easy purchase process. Top shelf packing of animal for safe shipment. Thank you so much Steve and team!
Thank you very much! We hope you enjoy your new snake!
Rating by o***y for 100% Het Axanthic Western Hognose ($350.00)
Perfect transaction
Rating by 1***a for 100% Het Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($900.00)
Smooth transaction,beautiful geckos. Thank you 🦎
Rating by a***0 for SUPER Hypo Rough, Amyae Knob-Tailed Gecko ($1,150.00)
Customer service was very professional and friendly. I purchased a beautiful, healthy and sweet African Fat Tailed Gecko. I definitely recommend this breeder and would purchase from them again.
Thank you very much! We hope you enjoy your new pet!
Rating by m***8 for White Out, 100% Het Oreo And Zulu African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($400.00)
The transaction was smooth and full of communication! My baby boy was in good condition.
Rating by c***y for Mexican Black Kingsnake ($300.00)
Beautiful geckos, smooth transition looking forward to doing business with them again.
Rating by a***0 for Hypo Thick-tailed Gecko, Underwoodisaurus Milii Knob-Tailed Gecko ($325.00)
Were very thorough and gave me updates regarding the questions I had and things I was worried about. Wonderful to work with and would recommend!
Rating by a***m for Red Smooth, Levis Levis Knob-Tailed Gecko ($450.00)
Seller was very responsive and pleasant to talk to. Easy to coordinate shipping and arrived as expected. Would order from them again!
Rating by m***n for Axanthic Western Hognose ($450.00)
I'm a long time customer of Geckos ETC. I've never been disappointed. Communication is always swift and professional, and the geckos are always immaculate. This female was no exception! I love her.
Rating by d***s for White And Yellow Galaxy Leopard Gecko ($450.00)
Extremely nice Hognose! Nicer than I thought he would be! Great communication from Jennifer and fast overnight shipping! Thanks!
Rating by p***r for Red/Extreme Red Albino Anaconda Western Hognose ($500.00)
Great service! Had a local pickup instead of shipping. Drove about 2hrs to pick up our beautiful Anaconda hognose. The Geckos Ect team was very flexible with our pick up time and super friendly. Will definitely be purchasing from them again :)
Rating by k***n for Anaconda Western Hognose ($375.00)
Great communication, fast response time. Gecko was exactly as pictured, missing a few toes, but is overall healthy so that's okay! Local pickup was on time and easy.
Rating by m***s for Black Night Leopard Gecko ($1,750.00)
These transactions with Geckos Etc. Always go great. Quality animals and friendly communicative staff. I have made purchases since this one and they were great too.
Thank you very much! We hope you enjoy your new gecko!
Rating by w***s for Bandit Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
They were very careful about the animal. He is super cute relaxed and friendly from their care. They were worried about thunderstorms but thank God there were none until after the animal arrived. It did take time for them to respond.
Rating by a***3 for Godzilla Giant, 50% Possible Het Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko ($375.00)
This business was easy to work with on how/when I needed my animal shipped and quick to reply to emails. Animal came as stated in the listing. He looks nice and healthy. Thank you so much!
Rating by o***y for Arctic Anaconda Western Hognose ($450.00)
This was my first online purchase. I’m so happy that it was such a pleasant experience and look forward to dilling with geckos etc. again!
Rating by b***r for Anaconda, 100% Het Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($300.00)
Snake is beautiful.
Rating by m***0 for Red Albino Superconda Western Hognose ($600.00)
Beautiful snake and shipment arrived well with no issues.
Rating by s***e for Axanthic Western Hognose ($400.00)
Absolutely amazing packaging and superb shipping! My little guy arrived safe, alert, and beautiful! Thank you so much!
Rating by t***e for Striped Tangerine White Out, 100% Het Albino African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($650.00)
This was my first reptile purchase ever. My first snake and my first experience with Geckos Etc. It was a great one. They offered to answer any questions I had after purchase, which told me they really care about their animals and their buyers. 👍👍
Rating by h***5 for Snow Motley Corn Snake ($150.00)
Overall great transaction!!! Animals are top notch, great communication and great packing. UPS had a service failure and delivered the animals a day late but the packaging kept the animals safe. I will not hesitate to purchase from in the future!
Rating by m***e for Amel, 100% Het Charcoal, 100% Het Diffused Corn Snake ($125.00)
we are very pleased with the customer service of the seller. Secondly, we love our new family member Stanley and will buy again from the seller in the future. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Rating by s***0 for Anaconda, 100% Het Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($300.00)
I purchased a Western Hognose het snow, and everything about my experience with Geckos ETC was great! Awesome communication, great packaging and it seems he wad definitely take care of with them. Will definitely look to buy from them again.
Rating by g***0 for 100% Het Snow Western Hognose ($225.00)
Great communication and the snake arrived well and healthy.
Rating by h***r for 100% Het Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($225.00)
Everything was excellent! Highly communicative. Will be a return customer!
Rating by w***g for Red Anaconda, 100% Het Albino Western Hognose ($350.00)
They didn't have the snake I originally wanted, but gave me a link to their other snakes. Picked out a beautiful toffee belly girl and they emailed me right away, worked with my schedule, and shipped her out right away. She is healthy and perfect!
Rating by g***b for Red/Extreme Red Albino Western Hognose ($450.00)
Transaction was flawless very easy. Product was exactly as advertised. Extremely happy with seller. Highly recommend this vender. Considering a second purchase invery near future for my wife.
Rating by m***e for Red/Extreme Red Albino Western Hognose ($400.00)
Excellent communication perfect shipping Healthy leos overall pleasant experience. Will be buying from again most likely.
Rating by b***x for Black Night Leopard Gecko ($750.00)
Customer service was outstanding. Animal arrived healthy, alert and perfect. Thank you so much. Will be back for knob tails. Lol
Rating by c***2 for Red Albino Anaconda Western Hognose ($400.00)
No complaints at all. Seller was quick to ship and was able to work around my schedule to ensure I was home
Rating by s***i for Red Anaconda, 100% Het Albino Western Hognose ($475.00)
she appears to be in perfect health and was delivered without incident
Rating by x***8 for Striped White Out Zulu, 100% Het Caramel Albino African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($450.00)
I've had a very good experience with Gecko Etc. Herpeculture. You can tell they really take pride and care for their animals. My Mexican black king snake arrived healthy and quick. I will definitely shop with them in the future.
Rating by j***8 for Mexican Black Kingsnake ($250.00)
Snake was as described and arrived well packaged and looked beautiful. Customer service was awesome and conducted in a timely manner. I’m super happy with my purchase and will be keeping Geckos Etc. in mind if I make any future reptile purchases.
Rating by s***e for Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($350.00)