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Bought several of these geckos and am quite happy with the 🤝. Hope to do more business in the future
Rating by r***s for Super Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
I was nervous about buying my first snake but this was a breeze. On weekdays, they were super communicative and got back to me super fast. They were also willing to give me tips and advice on how to make sure my snake has a good transition home!
Rating by r***5 for Normal Pueblan Milk Snake ($100.00)
Seller made the process easy and was very open to communication. Very happy with the animal I received (just as described, healthy, and eating without issue). Great experience overall!
Rating by b***h for Halloween Pueblan Milk Snake ($250.00)
An amazing guy definitely gonna get more from him
Rating by f***3 for Albino 50% Het Anery Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
If I could give KBK Reptiles more than 5 stars, I certainly would! Quality animals and professionalism at its finest. THIS is how it's done. "Hats off!" from all of us at Hu-Dares.
Rating by h***s for Yellow Brindle Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Great communication, very quick to respond, very professional! Couldn't be happier with the whole process.
Rating by c***5 for Pastel Lesser Het Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
I've had the best experience with KBK Reptiles!!! I ordered Small Live Dubia cockroaches. They were SUPER responsive and went above and beyond answering my questions (I'm a newbie BD owner). The order was shipped promptly and I am beyond satisfied.
Rating by t***2 for Small Live Dubia Other Invertebrate ($10.00)
Was willing to hold onto snake for four weeks until I was able to pick him up. Good communication, healthy snake
Rating by z***h for Anery Caramel Poss Het Hypo Poss Het Albino Poss Het Charcoal Poss Het Stripe Corn Snake ($100.00)
KBK is very easy to work with. They produced a beautiful and healthy snake. I’m local and he made it easy to arrange a time to meet up.
Rating by j***3 for Enchi Mojave Ball Python ($250.00)
The Crestie was just as described and very healthy! Shipping was fast and safe! Awesome communication!! Thank you!
Rating by m***r for Yellow Harlequin Partial Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($125.00)
Gecko came happy and healthy! Service was very helpful along the way. Couldn't have asked for more!
Rating by n***t for Tiger Crested Gecko ($80.00)
Gecko as promise, great communication on diet it was feeding on , general care
Rating by r***9 for Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($300.00)
All around excellent experience. Kyle was helpful and professional from start to finish. My gecko came exactly as pictured, well-packaged, healthy, and is acclimating well in his new home. I'd definitely buy from KBK again!
Rating by o***d for Mosaic Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($275.00)
KBK always responded as quickly as possible to any messages I sent. They also followed once the snake was at our hub just to make sure we got the alert. Our new little boy is much better looking than his picture. I'd buy from KBK again!
Rating by e***9 for Mojave Lace Ball Python ($350.00)
Great deal , excellent communication animal was well packaged and arrived well.
Rating by e***a for Red Stripe Possible Phantom Eye Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
They were very responsive, quick shipping. Gorgeous animal!
Rating by s***s for Pinstripe Poss Lace Ball Python ($175.00)
Excellent Communication and a very healthy crested gecko! Kyle took the time to answer all of my questions and went above and beyond so that I was able to revive my crested gecko safely! I highly recommend and will definitely be back!
Rating by p***c for Yellow Harlequin Partial Pinstripe Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Easy purchase process. Fast replies. Very helpful
Rating by d***1 for Yellow Harlequin Crested Gecko ($90.00)
The entire transaction was smooth and professional. Gecko arrived safely and is thriving. Exactly what I had hoped for!
Rating by g***s for Black And White Super Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($300.00)
Rating by c***1 for Pastel Pied Ball Python ($450.00)
Kyle was very helpful and communication was great! My snake arrived alive and healthy- I was very nervous about having a snake mailed to me but Kyle was patient with all my questions. I would buy it again! Arrived on time, easy communication!
Rating by a***a for Blizzard Het Caramel Poss Het Anery Poss Het Stripe Corn Snake ($200.00)
Ordering from KBK was a great experience! The corn snake arrived the next day in good health. Communication from KBK on the inquiry was quick and the snake matched their picture.
Rating by b***0 for Albino Tessera Het Red Coat Poss Het Caramel Poss Het Stripe Poss Het Charcoal Poss Het Anery Poss Het Hypo Poss Het Bloodred Poss Het Lavender Corn Snake ($125.00)
Quick, easy, painless. Pleasant experience and I love my snakes! Seller was polite and professional. Snakes arrived healthy and active. They are acclimating well and have already eaten for me.
Rating by l***r for Normal Ball Python ($50.00)
Great experience, really good seller! Love our new gecko!
Rating by s***y for Tremper Mack Super Snow Leopard Gecko ($90.00)
Saw this beautiful Gecko and contacted the seller who immediately got back to me and arranged for me to be able to pick it up the same day. The gecko was beautiful and healthy, seller even provided food that was great quality! Overall amazing!
Rating by l***a for Het Rainwater Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
KBK reptiles was so very helpful. The gecko arrived safe and healthy and they were always available for questions, even after the gecko was delivered.
Rating by s***s for Rainwater Jungle Leopard Gecko ($70.00)
I would not hesitate to get another Gecko from KBK.
Peach is settling in nicely. She's eating well and exploring her new home!
Rating by i***n for Tangerine Lavender Het Tremper Poss Giant Leopard Gecko ($120.00)
Item was well packaged and I even got some decals little detail but I loved it. Excellent costumer service.
Rating by v***e for Lavender Tangerine Giant Het Tremper Leopard Gecko ($125.00)
Will definitely order from them agin
Rating by m***6 for Red Harlequin Crested Gecko ($80.00)
The seller is an amazing person and responds quickly. My interaction was perfect and he is very knowledgeable and has a lot of love for his animals. He keeps in touch with me as needed. I would buy from him again in the future. Thank you Kyle
Rating by k***1 for Banana Pied Ball Python ($450.00)
Transaction ran smoothly and there were no problems encountered. Thanks
Rating by t***3 for Yellow Cream Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($120.00)
Nothing could have been done better, a near-perfect experience. 10/10 would buy again.
Rating by e***s for White Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
Kyle has been great! Communication was consistent and answered every question I had, which was a lot lol. Very accommodating. Could not be more pleased with my well nourished beautiful baby!!!!!! Highly recommend!
Rating by m***6 for Cream Brindle Crested Gecko ($85.00)
Kyle was awesome to work with! He had awesome communication, shipping was a breeze, and my new snake looks great! I would definitely buy from him again!
Rating by a***6 for Halloween Pueblan Milk Snake ($250.00)
Great communication and holds animals if given a valid reason. Made my first experience buying a gecko easy and stress free!
Rating by s***p for Yellow Brindle Crested Gecko ($70.00)
KBK Reptiles has been more than helpful and wonderful! Kyle answered all my questions and was super friendly. I will definitely purchase from him again.
Rating by d***n for Yellow Harlequin Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Super responsive beautiful snakes! Very fast shipping definitely recommend
Rating by c***s for Black Pewter Calico Ball Python ($350.00)
Nice healthy snake and came really fast! Very happy with purchase! I give KBK reptiles a A+++ rating!! Will definitely be buying from them again.
Rating by d***e for Tessera Het Red Coat Het Lavender Poss Het Snow Poss Het Bloodred Poss Het Hypo Corn Snake ($125.00)
I am super happy with my first gargoyle gecko absolutely beautiful. Just as described but even better in person I am super happy.
Rating by b***8 for Black And White Super Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
Great service, fast shipping and healthy and pretty gecko. I would buy again.
Rating by p***s for Yellow Tiger Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Very positive experience. I will definitely be purchasing more from this breeder. He was very responsive with all questions that I had . The gecko arrived in perfect shape and was exactly what I ordered. I wish all purchases would go this smooth
Rating by k***h for Stripe Possible Phantom Eye Gargoyle Gecko ($200.00)
Thank you for the great communication! My sister's are love their geckos so far!
Rating by n***b for Yellow Harlequin Dalmatian Partial Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($90.00)
Beautiful, healthy, well handled gecko! I love it and can’t wait to see grow up! Will definitely do business again! Great seller!
Rating by s***0 for Brindle Crested Gecko ($70.00)
Absolutely awesome all the way around! Quality, healthy, well handled animals and great communication and super fast shipping! Will do business again! Thank you!!
Rating by s***0 for Stripe Possible Phantom Eye Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
Great service & quality animals.
Rating by s***s for Normal Het Caramel Het Stripe Het Motley Poss Het Albino Corn Snake ($60.00)
This is my second time purchasing from KBK and my experience was amazing. Constant communication also remembered me from my previous purchase!!!
Rating by k***6 for Harlequin Partial Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($75.00)
Awesome person to deal with!
Rating by h***1 for Red Bicolor Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($85.00)
Kyle was very nice and informative. He explained everything in detail and responded in a timely manor. I received my snake right on time and he sent a follow up email to make sure everything went well, and she is perfect! I will be using KBK again.
Rating by p***9 for Normal Het Red Coat Lavender PH Bloodred Hypo Snow Corn Snake ($80.00)
Excellent health of animal. Prompt Excellent shipping
Rating by r***1 for YB/Gravel Ball Python ($65.00)