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Excellent service, communication and reliable seller. Highly recommend!
Rating by y***x for Wholesale 10 Pack Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Great service and excellent gecko as usual! I am a customer that comes back over and over again and I highly recommend them to everyone that wants high quality and healthy geckos that are very well cared for.
Rating by p***s for Lavender Based White Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($1,200.00)
Kyle was absolutely stellar through the whole process--very responsive to questions, and professional. Unforseen circumstances meant we couldn't go with our original delivery plan, but he went the extra mile to see that everything worked out.
Rating by m***r for 66% Het Axanthic Lilly White Crested Gecko ($1,700.00)
Fantastic experience. Loved working with Kyle. Very friendly, helpful and answered all the questions, plus the geckos they have are awesome! Thanks for everything.
Rating by m***t for 100% Het Axanthic Brindle Harlequin Crested Gecko ($3,000.00)
Very excited to finally own a gecko from Kryptiles. I heard so many good things about this breeder, and the gecko's quality matches my expectations!
Rating by j***1 for Incredible Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($1,500.00)
Great transaction from start to finish. Shipping had to wait due to temperatures, but the seller contacted me at least weekly to touch base. The gecko is beautiful, and exactly as described. Nothing but great things to say. Highly recommended seller!
Rating by v***s for Dark Red Based Drippy Nearly Full Quad-Stripe Crested Gecko ($400.00)
Great seller, super friendly geckos. Definitely a quality breeder.
Rating by l***c for Cream Harlequin Crested Gecko ($100.00)
the animal arrived alive and healthy, nothing more can ask for
Rating by h***7 for Dark Based Quad-Stripe Crested Gecko ($1,500.00)
Absolutely love this gecko shipping was up to par highly recommend buying from Kryptiles really cares for his animals thank you again for the beautiful gecko bro I'm glad I got another one from you as well I appreciate you 💯❤️
Rating by c***c for Thick Cream Quad-Stripe Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Amazing company ! Highly recommend
Rating by s***x for 100% Het Axanthic Crested Gecko ($5,000.00)
Great shipping, nice stickers, easy communication, was a bit slow, but it was his birthday week, can’t blame him haha… overall amazing.
Rating by n***6 for Yellow Base Ink Spot Possible Super Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Great little gecko! Kryptiles was great to do business with! Great communication!
Rating by t***2 for Lavender Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($300.00)
Great communication, great animal. Will definitely purchase again
Rating by n***s for Confetti Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($800.00)
Kyle from Kryptiles was responsive and was in contact with me through every step of the process. The animal was as advertised, delivered safely and promptly, and in excellent health.
Rating by a***y for Proven Lilly White Crested Gecko ($2,600.00)
Got exactly what was pictured. Gecko was a little delayed to no fault of his. Gecko was secured and doing well. Will definitely buy again.
Rating by n***7 for White And Cream Full Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($100.00)
I am a repeat customer and will certainly buy from them again. I love the professionalism, clear and direct communication, great customer service and especially their geckos that are gorgeous and healthy.
Rating by p***s for Cream Extreme Harlequin - Possible Tri-Color Crested Gecko ($450.00)
Ohhhhhh I received my little one today....BEAUTIFUL I love working with Kyle and Danielle. This is the second time they had what I was searching for. Communication excellent, gecko superb, they are honest kind people. Highly recommend!!!!!!
Rating by m***6 for Dark Charcoal Crested Gecko ($300.00)
I had such a great experience! They had great communication and my new little friend is so cute and is exactly how the picture looked if not even better in person. Very happy with my experience with Kyle and Danielle!
Rating by k***1 for Quad-Stripe Possible Tri-Color Crested Gecko ($300.00)
Folks!!!! Kryptiles, please if you see little one you want and want are in question about these breeders...remove ALL doubts. Kyle and Danielle are amazing! Communication was strong from the beginning and throughout, baby is very healthy, beautiful!
Rating by m***6 for Red/Pink Based With White Portholes Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Wonderful experience with this breeder! Fantastic gecko and great people to work with :)
Rating by a***4 for Extreme Harlequin Red Based Crested Gecko ($850.00)
My experience with Kryptiles was very smooth he was great with communication and answering any questions I had, I received the lilly white and he looks better than did in pictures thank you!
Rating by w***s for High Coverage Bright Red Based Lilly White Crested Gecko ($2,500.00)
Discount for buying multiple geckos and kept my informed through the whole process when the weather wasn’t allowing for shipping. GREAT seller!
Rating by c***3 for Yellow Based Ink Spot Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($350.00)
My overall experience with the seller was great. Great communication, answered any question, and even cut me a deal. I ended buying two cresteds.
Rating by m***4 for High Expression Extreme Harlequin Drippy Lilly White Crested Gecko ($1,200.00)
Communication was clear and owner made sure temps were safe for the baby to ship. Packed wonderfully and arrived in great shape.
Rating by r***s for Orange And Cream Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($65.00)
Kyrptiles was great to work with. They were quick to reply to all communication and answers all the questions we had. We love our new scaley family member who arrives safe and sound and right on time! I would definitely recommend Kryptiles!
Rating by j***7 for Extreme Harlequin - White Spots Crested Gecko ($125.00)
Kind and provided great service! Highly recommend to anyone looking to gecko some quality crested geckos!
Rating by n***o for Extreme Harlequin - White Spots Crested Gecko ($400.00)
Great service, fast response time and always helpful when you have questions.
Rating by h***s for Dark Based Harlequin With Cream And White Crested Gecko ($125.00)
Seller was wonderful from start to finish.
Rating by l***1 for DARK Tri-Color With White Crested Gecko ($550.00)
Such an awesome breeder! My geckos arrived exactly when they were supposed to, packaging was great, geckos are nice and healthy and the purchasing process was awesome. Very responsive when it comes to answering and questions you may have and so nice!
Rating by w***y for Quad-stripe White Wall Crested Gecko ($450.00)
I purchased a baby and honestly it looked so much better in person and we are blown away of how a good price we got him for WE ARE HAPPY WITH OUR PURCHASE!
Rating by s***s for Solid Dorsal Harlequin Full Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($125.00)
Very happy with the geckos I received. Good communication. Fast shipping. Geckos were packed nicely in the shipping box.
Rating by k***8 for Full Pinstripe Tri-Color Crested Gecko ($100.00)
This gecko was shipped with 2 others. All looked good and packed very well.
Rating by k***8 for Dark Based Harlequin Crested Gecko ($60.00)
Very happy with the geckos I received.
Rating by k***8 for Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($75.00)
A wonderful crested gecko, doing great. Very happy.
Rating by s***i for Red And White Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Kryptiles was fantastic with communication, information, and packaging! I received my LW baby this morning and it looks even better in person!
Rating by m***s for Lilly White - Dark Base - Solid Dorsal Crested Gecko ($700.00)
Great overall experience, would absolutely acquire more geckos from them in the future
Rating by k***b for Lilly White - Drippy Crested Gecko ($550.00)
It was a pleasure working with Kryptiles. They are very responsive and helpful. The geckos I bought look are better in real life than the pictures. I would definitely buy from again!!
Rating by s***a for Vibrant Red Harlequin/Flame With Portholes Crested Gecko ($300.00)
Amazing to work with...regular communication and super high quality healthy animal. I couldn't be happier! 10/10, looking forward to being a repeat customer.
Rating by d***d for High White Extreme Harlequin Lilly White Crested Gecko ($1,300.00)
I just recently purchased my first Lilly White from Kryptiles and I cant say enough about them! They are wonderful to work with! My animal was shipped out ONLY after the weather was appropriate to do so. My guy came well packed and and healthy! I def
Definitely recommend! My baby is growing amd eating wonderfully! Stays fired up all the time.....Lol! Wonderful experience with these people!!! Ive named her/him "Tail's" from the Kryptiles! Lol! I cant wait to do business with Danielle & Kyle again!
Rating by t***9 for High White Lilly White - Great Contrast Crested Gecko ($900.00)
Will definitely look to buy from here again! They were very responsive and the geckos were in great shape when they arrived. Very, very happy with my purchase!
Rating by m***s for Red And Cream Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($125.00)
Seller was very knowledgeable and made sure the gecko arrived to me safely!
Rating by s***3 for Red And Cream Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($125.00)
Very willing to answer my questions. Packaging for shipping is excellent. Gecko completely secure. Definitely recommend this seller.
Rating by m***2 for Partial Pinstripe - Lots Of Pattern Crested Gecko ($65.00)
Great to deal with!! Geckos arrived in perfect condition. Will definitely buy from again.
Rating by a***a for Extreme Harlequin - Possible White Wall - AMAZING LINEAGE Crested Gecko ($300.00)
Seller was clear and communicated quickly. Lizard is in perfect condition and is exactly as described.
Rating by t***h for Dark Based Tri-Color Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Great seller, very easy to work with. Sale and shipping went without a hitch and h/she is a gorgeous little baby.
Rating by d***1 for High White Quad-Stripe Crested Gecko ($450.00)
I highly recommend Kryptiles as they are very professional, practice great communication, and offer the finest Crested Geckos.
Rating by s***m for Ink Spot Dalmatian - Bright Base Color Crested Gecko ($225.00)
The communication was great they explained everything well and they new all the lineage of my gecko. They also had very good packaging when they sent the little one to me. I would buy from them again 5/5
Rating by r***a for Extreme Harlequin - Dark Base Crested Gecko ($65.00)
Kyle was super nice and so helpful with any question I had! Will be recommending him to my friends!
Rating by k***f for Dark Base Extreme Harlequin - Possible Tri-color Crested Gecko ($85.00)
Great service and awesome geckos. Highly recommend if considering from Kryptiles.
Rating by t***r for High White Drippy Red Based Lilly White Crested Gecko ($900.00)
They were very quick to reply and every part of the process went smoothly, from inquiring to buying to shipping.
Rating by k***2 for White/Cream Wall - Possible Tri-color Crested Gecko ($200.00)