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I was nervous shipping two baby snakes but they arrived healthy and warm. They immediately ate a worm and settled into their new home with no problems.
Thanks for your order. I’m glad they arrived safe and sound
Rating by e***b for Melanistic Garter Snakes ($250.00)
Great communication! Talked on Wednesday, shipped on Thursday and arrived by 10 AM on Friday. They answered all my questions promptly and provided support thru whole process. Will recommend them in the future.
Rating by s***l for Apricot Pueblan Pueblan Milk Snake ($150.00)
Everything was great
Thanks for your business
Rating by m***1 for High White Ocean County Northern Pines Pine Snake ($200.00)
Everything came as planned and the animal was in absolute great condition. The communication with this seller was very bad. They would read the messages and not respond until hours later or until we sent another message.
I’m sorry we did not respond immediately in some cases. I wanted to insure the animal was still available as we have a retail location and I wasn’t there at that time to make sure they didn’t sell it and we would run into a refund situation.
Rating by b***s for Baby Peach Throat Monitor Other Monitor ($350.00)
Beautiful healthy Girl. Very happy with my purchase.
Thank you for your business enjoy her
Rating by s***y for Blue Bar Citrus Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($200.00)
Great shipper, beautiful animal, would definitely recommend
Thanks for your order. Appreciate your business.
Rating by r***d for 2023 Mandarin Rats Mandarin Rat Snake ($350.00)
The animal in orders arrived on schedule, very healthy, and the seller provided timely feedback.
Thanks for your order. We appreciate it
Rating by a***l for Cuban False Chameleon More Lizard ($100.00)
I picked this item up from their retail store, snake was very healthy and exactly as described. I was so impressed with the place that I left with two!!
Thanks for coming and thanks for the review. We appreciate your business. Good luck with your new boas
Rating by k***r for Albino Key West Motley Pastel Dream Boa Boa Constrictor ($600.00)
Simple exchange, exotic animal, very happy with purchase. I've had my pair for a couple months and they're healthy and doing great! The commication was brief but I got what I ordered and am satisfied.
Glad you are happy with them. Thanks for your order
Rating by j***l for 1.1 Gastropholis Prasina More Lizard ($350.00)
Great customer service got three animals two were in excellent shape one sadly was doa but it was a very delicate animal and they immediately gave me a refund will be ordering from them again
Rating by p***1 for Jackson’s Chameleon Pairs Jackson's Chameleon ($150.00)
My transaction, and overall dealings with major league exotic pets so far has been great. Buying process was smooth, and so was shipping aside from a hitch, but life happens. The frog is the best specimen I’ve ever seen so far. Solid company.
Thanks for your order. Hope we can do more business in the future.
Rating by r***p for CBB Budgetts Frogs Other Frog ($65.00)
Major League Exotic Pets replied promptly to my inquirey. I paid for the animals and they were shipped immediately. They arrived in perfect condition, fed the first day and are beautiful specimans. I couldn't ask for more.
Rating by c***s for Pure Everglades Eastern Rat Snake ($75.00)
Great seller! My boa arrived early, well packed, and in perfect condition. Even more stunning than the photos. 10/10!!!
Thanks for your business and the nod. Enjoy that girl. She is pretty
Rating by r***z for Beautiful Female Suriname True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
They were very polite and were quick to respond to my inquiries. The reptiles I ordered arrived safely and efficiently.
Thanks for your order. Hope we have something else that interests you in the future
Rating by l***z for Gorgeous Schneiders Skinks Other Skink ($75.00)
Ordered Monday, shipped Tuesday and recieved 3 amazing looking rat snakes on Wednesday. My expectations were exceeded. Thanks major league exotics.
Thank you. Appreciate the positive feedback
Rating by r***9 for Pure Hypo Everglades Eastern Rat Snake ($100.00)
3 year old male weighed in at 908 grams. We didn't get him shipped. We took a road trip for something to do. I had him put him in a snake bag because I brought my own travel container and heat pack for the 3.5 hour car ride.
Rating by j***h for Vpi Axanthic Spotnose Ball Python ($500.00)
Great communication, animal arrived healthy and active.
Thanks for your purchase. Once she sheds I’m sure you will be very happy. I hate when snakes get shipped out opaque
Rating by b***n for Striped Jungle X Coastal Carpets Other Carpet Python ($150.00)
Seller responds to questions in a timely manner. Animals received packed very well with no issues. Seller continued contact after delivery. Would 100% buy again and recommend Major League Exotic Pets.
Rating by a***r for Sichuan Locale Mandarin Mandarin Rat Snake ($400.00)
Everglades Rat Snake received in good condition. Shipped quickly. First response prompt, some but not all followup questions answered.
Rating by n***n for Pure Everglades Eastern Rat Snake ($75.00)
Snakes in fine shape and as described. Fast shipping. Communication could have been better, as could packaging.
Please let me know what could have made the packaging better for the future.
Rating by j***s for European Ladder Other Rat Snake ($175.00)
Received my frog timely and in great shape! I will definitely order from here again in the future!
Rating by k***e for CB Mossy Frogs ($50.00)
This was my first online pet purchase and I am blown away. major league exotic pets has been exceptional. We worked out a time when the weather would be best, and he had my tegu shipped out before I even woke up. Very pleased and will return!
Glad it got there ok. It’s a beautiful lizard. Hope you enjoy it
Rating by b***g for Silver Tegus ($300.00)
Nice animal, and safely packaged for weather conditions.
Rating by i***1 for White Sided Other Rat Snake ($100.00)
Great experience overall dealing with Alan at Major League Exotics! Very pretty, healthy animal. Alan was helpful, and very responsive. Will do buisness again in the future! Thanks again brother! 😁
Rating by c***3 for CBB Aru/Biak Cross Green Tree Python ($1,000.00)
Kevin was great. Communication awesome. Patience outstanding. Moroccan baby extremely beautiful, precious. What else can I say o yeah 10 + +++++++ stars. Thanks.
Rating by t***0 for Captive Born Egyptian Uromastyx ($250.00)
Reached out about a snake I seen on their page. The snake had been sold but they worked with me to show me some other ball pythons and I actually ended up buying 2. Responses were quick and ended up in just some friendly B.S. by the end of it.
Rating by r***9 for Mystic Potion Ball Python ($325.00)
Animal arrived healthy, eats well and looks great but did have mites.
Rating by d***n for Laticincta Bamboo Bamboo Rat Snake ($125.00)
Very quick response time on inquiry, easily accommodated an in-person pick-up, would gladly purchase from again.
Thanks for your business
Rating by h***4 for Supercondas Western Hognose ($400.00)
Quality snakes, reasonable price, great communication and fast to shipAAAAAAAA+++++++
Thank you
Rating by t***r for Hypo Tri-color Honduran Milks Honduran Milk Snake ($225.00)
Communication was good. Animal wasn't in the best health when it arrived. Was very skinny and looked dehydrated. Looks a lot better after a few weeks of TLC. Is not blue or have any slight marks that are blue, but is a nice lizard for the most part.
Rating by o***s for Super Blue Clown Agama More Lizard ($150.00)
I gave them a awesome review as soon as I received my mangrove monitor My mangrove monitor was not aggressive let me put it in enclosure with no problem I give them a 10 out of 10 they did awesome and he’s already in no problem
Rating by o***8 for Mangrove Mangrove Monitor ($100.00)
Snake is healthy and active. While a little shy, it isn’t defensive. My only issue is that it came with mites. Not a big deal, but still kind of a pain.
Seller was very apologetic about mites. I saw maybe 4-5 mites total and haven’t seen any since treatment. Snake is still in good health and very personable.
Rating by j***n for Burmese Pythons Het Albino ($100.00)
Arrived In perfect health and even sent the ones i specifically wanted 10/10
Rating by a***o for CB Mossy Frogs ($50.00)
Quick to respond. WS king was as described and even more beautiful. Snake looks healthy and active. I definitely recommend. I would buy from them again.
Rating by a***4 for White Sided Brooksi Florida Kingsnake ($250.00)
Loved working with this merchant! I’d buy again!
Thank you for your order. We appreciate the business
Rating by c***5 for Scaleless Bubble Gum Other Rat Snake ($250.00)
Fast shipping vary happy with the Sellerie and vary happy with the reptile will buy again soon
Rating by j***2 for Veiled Babies Veiled Chameleon ($40.00)
Was very happy with the experience and we love the little female hat arrived thank day :). We named her Voodoo because of our hometown New Orleans.
Rating by g***4 for Burmese Pythons Het Albino ($100.00)
Beautiful animal..great communication from breeder..good packing for shipping
Thank you for your purchase.
Rating by s***3 for Woma Python ($400.00)
My messages were answered quickly & transaction went smoothly! Love my new Woma!
Rating by t***8 for Woma Python ($350.00)
Very happy with my purchase. Allen took the time out to help me directly. Great looking animals.
Rating by r***o for Uroplatus Sikorae Leaf-Tailed Gecko ($350.00)
These guys are amazing I've have my red eye for a couple of days and he's already eating and acclimating well. And he's started to shed! Would definitely buy from these guys again.
Rating by j***e for CB Red Eyed Croc Skinks Other Skink ($280.00)
Animals arrived looking healthy and alert. One has a slight kink in the tail due to travel most likely. The animals were as described and communication was good from seller. Nothing to complain about at this time.
Rating by a***1 for Schneider Skink Other Skink ($50.00)
Seller was very quick to respond and very transparent. Animal arrived safely and right on time.
Rating by b***3 for Cuban False Chameleon Anole ($150.00)
Incredibly happy with my purchase. This was my first time ordering an animal online, so I was super nervous! The seller was super responsive (literally took just a few minutes to get a reply). Animal arrived happy and healthy. Very pleased (:
Rating by s***l for Eurodactylodes Agricolae More Gecko ($200.00)
Gorgeous bamboo lesser, super bright eyed and curious! Seller communication was fantastic, just make sure you call rather than go though morphmarket's communication. Seller is amazing and I look forward to doing business with him again, truly :)
Rating by m***8 for Blue Eyed Lucy Bamboo Lesser Ball Python ($400.00)
Great overall experience! Happy to do future business! Thanks for the corn snake of my dreams! Scaleless Reverse Okeetee!
Rating by s***4 for Scaleless Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake ($1,000.00)
Turtle came alive and full of life and nicely package only a few days after purchase.
Glad to hear you were pleased, feel free to reach out if you need anything else
Rating by a***n for Chinese Box Turtle ($175.00)
Excellent communication and fast shipping
Rating by j***n for Colorado River Toads ($85.00)
I'm more than pleased with this experience! My boy came nice and early in the morning, alert and healthy! And he's even more stunning in person! Thank you a bunch Major League Exotics!
Glad to hear! Let us know if we can do anything else for you
Rating by s***1 for Leopard Spider 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($150.00)
Seller was responsive, fast, and answered all inquiries. Item arrived healthy and well-packaged.
We’re happy to hear you had a good experience, let me know if there’s anything else you need
Rating by s***d for Long Canyon Rosy Boa ($200.00)