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Great communication, animal arrived well packed and arrived safely. Highly recommend this seller! Very pleased 💙
Rating by p***s for Dehydrated Space Munchies Soft Scale Pinstripe Unsexed Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Thank you again miss Laura I truly appreciate all the help this little buddy looks amazing can’t wait to watch them grow. I would highly recommend Smug Bug to anyone looking for Cresties or invertebrates.
Rating by 6***z for Dark Matter Dark Based Brindle Softscale Unsexed Crested Gecko ($80.00)
both geckos arrived exactly as pictured & all the isopods from my separate website purchase were alive as well! Super happy with my purchase and I will definitely be back for more geckos & more isos :)
Rating by j***7 for Meringue Crested Gecko ($800.00)
This was an amazing experience! Seller was very responsive, professional, and kept me updated throughout the process. Received my two geckos in great condition and look forward to buying from here again!
Rating by e***e for Solar Powered - Dark Based Creamy Harlequin Crested Gecko ($50.00)
She arrived active, healthy, and absolutely gorgeous. This seller has amazing quality animals. Will be buying again!
Rating by e***e for Silk Crested Gecko ($325.00)
I love my beautiful boy! He is exactly everything I've been looking for and I'm so happy to have purchased him. The seller was quick to responding and very friendly. I got my Howard the day after I ordered him, completely safe and healthy :)
Rating by e***e for Howard Crested Gecko ($500.00)
The animal arrived safe and healthy, good packaging and overall very nice experience, very kind and responded quickly along with answering any questions I had.
Rating by g***o for Zedd Crested Gecko ($175.00)
Received two incredibly beautiful and healthy geckos that were packaged perfectly! Laura was a delight to work with and I hope to work with her more in the future!
Rating by r***s for Silhansa Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Smugbug was great to purchase from. They answered all questions about the animal purchased in an extremely timely manner. If something occurred during the shipment they were able to set expectations. I would highly recommend to purchase from them.
Rating by k***9 for Class Of Nuke 'Em High Crested Gecko ($120.00)
Great communication and promptly answered the questions I had. Overall good experience!
Rating by s***s for Black Room Crested Gecko ($400.00)
Oh my goodness! This was a flawless transaction with SmugBug! Great communication & gecko arrived safe & sound. And my new baby is even more beautiful than pictured! I will do business with you again! 100% recommend 😁
Rating by k***n for Rayu Red Stripe Male *free Shipping* Gargoyle Gecko ($550.00)
Thank you! I received him and he’s beautiful and healthy!
Rating by j***1 for The Atomic Football Subadult Male *FREE SHIPPING* Crested Gecko ($150.00)
the seller replied almost instantly to my inquirey and got everything shipped out when they said they would the gecko was exactly as pictured
Rating by b***7 for Brides Of Blood Crested Gecko ($120.00)
everything was great seller responded almost instantly got everything shipped when they said they would and the gecko was exactly as pictured
Rating by b***7 for Good Personality *FREE SHIPPING* Crested Gecko ($175.00)
Seller was a quick and clear communicator! The gecko I received is beautiful and just as described/pictured.
Rating by g***l for Revenge Of The Zombie Bride Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Extremely happy with my first crested gecko purchase! Very fast and helpful responses made it such an easy experience. Thank you!
Rating by b***m for Peelers Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Everything went well… no complaints here besides now I want more geckos!
Rating by a***d for Hostel Crested Gecko ($119.97)
Everything went well… no complaints here besides now I want more geckos!
Rating by a***d for Trolls Crested Gecko ($150.00)
No flaws at all
Rating by i***2 for 13 Ghosts Crested Gecko ($80.00)
Positive & professional experience. I will not hesitate to purchase again.
Rating by w***s for Children Of The Corn (White Collar Sarasinorum) More Gecko ($500.00)
Beautiful and healthy animals and bugs! Very fast shipping and so easy to work with. Highly recommend.
Rating by c***m for Kopiko Crested Gecko ($450.00)
Highly recommend! Very beautiful animals and bugs. Thank you for being so responsive and shipping was fast and smooth.
Rating by c***m for Halvah Crested Gecko ($300.00)
Laura was very responsive and friendly to my inquiry. Purchasing and setting up shipping was super easy on their website. My gecko arrived safely and is super cute!
Rating by c***s for Robot Monster Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Very happy the experience was quick easy and exciting. This was my first time using morph market to purchase and animal and ill happily do it again. Smug bug was super fast and helpful and has so many gorgeous geckos.
Rating by m***a for DevilFish Crested Gecko ($90.00)
My cresteds came securely packed and are obviously well cared for by the seller! They are some of the sweetest and tame geckos I've unboxed. I even got a little gift surprise in the box that delighted me. Seller also has great communication!
Rating by a***m for Strawberry Parfait Crested Gecko ($500.00)
As always Laura is the best!!! Love this little one
Rating by p***s for The BabySitter Crested Gecko ($80.00)
I had such a great experience with Smug Bug. However amazing I thought my gecko would be, it was 100% better in person. Easy communication and would love to buy again in the future!
Rating by g***s for Renegade Bush Tit Crested Gecko ($600.00)
Little guy arrived safe , healthy and prettier in person thanks you
Rating by n***s for White Noise Crested Gecko ($200.00)
It was fantastic working with Smug Bug! I received a very healthy girl with the greatest personality. She came as advertised and in a timely manner once weather was safe for shipping! My gecko was well packaged and I would definitely work with again!
Rating by e***s for Serfe Crested Gecko ($600.00)
Laura has been wonderful throughout the whole process and kept me updated on when my little gecko would be shipping. She came in perfect health and absolutely gorgeous!
Rating by l***y for Evil Dead Crested Gecko ($70.00)
Very Pleased! Seller was very open and communicative during the selling process and contacting me for ship dates as the geckos were on hold for winter. They also gave me a great deal and gave me a discount as I bought multiple cresteds at one time.
Rating by a***m for Rhubarb Crested Gecko ($700.00)
Healthy little one, eating like a beast!
Rating by s***s for The Fog Gargoyle Gecko ($175.00)
Working with Smug Bug is always awesome, nice healthy animals and great seller!
Rating by s***s for Buttercream Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Great communication and well packaged delivery.
Thanks Edward! Hope you love her and she works great for your projects.
Rating by g***y for Deteriorated Psyche Leachianus Gecko ($1,000.00)
Arrived safe and healthy , very nice gecko thank you
Rating by n***s for Little Shop Of Horrors Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Everything was perfect. Seller was responsive, crestie is beautiful, packing was very safe. All in all, a great experience.
Rating by o***d for S'mores Crested Gecko ($300.00)
They were very helpful and responsive. The gecko is beyond words. Will more than likely buy from them again and let future friends know to buy from here as well.
Rating by c***7 for Slugs Crested Gecko ($80.00)
I get isopods from Laura all the time and this is my first crested gecko from her. Betty is absolutely lovely and gorgeous! Definitely 10/10 and will come back for more of her reds
Rating by h***s for Betty Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Smooth and easy transaction
Rating by e***s for Mourning Gecko Type A/Filipino More Gecko ($25.00)
Stunning gecko got here safely!
Rating by p***s for Puddin Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Absolutely gorgeous gecko with just as amazing communication, packaging, and pricing, thanks so much! And thanks for the stickers!!
Rating by t***a for 21AG4 Dark Based Harlequin Crested Gecko ($155.00)
Excellent experience! Gorgeous gecko! I will be a repeat customer!
Rating by g***s for 21CP6 Dark Based *almost* Quad Striped Crested Gecko ($180.00)
Fast and straight forward communication. Animals were well packed and crazy active right out of shipping and into the terrarium.
Rating by j***5 for Adult Egg Laying Female Mourning Gecko Type A/Filipino More Gecko ($50.00)
I could not be happier!
Rating by l***3 for 21TJP3 Partial Pin Harlequin Crested Gecko ($65.00)
Awesome Seller. Awesome crested geckos. Even more beautiful in person than in the pictures :) A+++++++ highly Recommend Smug Bug to anyone wanting a reptile from this company. Thankyou sooo much for the beautiful georgous Gecko :) A+++++++++++
Thank you so much! I'm so happy you love your gecko!
Rating by t***0 for 21RGM9 Dark Based Harlequin Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($125.00)
Great transaction would highly recommend
Rating by b***s for Eurydactylodes Vieillardi Chameleon Gecko ($200.00)
Such a cute little guy!
Rating by m***m for Orange Blotch Gargoyle Gecko, Probable ($300.00)
Very good quality gecko and they are very good with communication
Rating by k***e for 2019 Red Male Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Excellent experience, Laura was very helpful and accommodating, holding my animal while I finalized my enclosure. My gecko arrived happy and healthy once we picked a shipping date. I couldn't be more pleased, and would highly recommend Smug Bug.
Rating by a***m for White Collar/spotted Sarasinorum More Gecko ($350.00)
Beautiful gecko. Great communication.
Rating by c***s for Orange Blotch (Possible Super Blotch) Gargoyle Gecko ($400.00)