6-7" GFP White Albino/Copper White Albino Axolotl (#TBGR-GWA05)

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6-7" GFP White Albino/Copper White Albino Axolotl
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Description. GFP White Albino het copper, potentially het (50%) mel and (33%) axanthic

GFP Copper White Albino, potentially het (50%) mel and (33%) axanthic

Copper White Albino vs White Albino het copper cannot be determined until proven

Hatched February 22, 2022 from The Big Gal (local Seattle breeder) x Ra (Northern Axolotls' Marcus & Platinum clutch) January 2022 clutch. Please message me for further genetic information, if interested.

Juveniles are eating worms and some will eat the soft rangen pellets. Must pass a 3-day fast prior to shipping.
6-7" GFP White Albino/Copper White Albino
Axolotl Baby/Juvenile
100% Het Copper Gfp White Albino White
Domestically Produced
22nd February 2022
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