Brazil Rainbow Brazilian Rainbow Boa (#21tab15)

Brazil Rainbow
Brazilian Rainbow Boa Baby/Juvenile
Epicrates cenchria
Domestically Produced
25th July 2021
Live Mouse




Louisville, Kentucky United States of America flag

45.00-85.00 (Domestic)
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About Extraordinary Ectotherms. My operation is likely as big as one can be and still be referred to as Hobbyist. My "facility" is in my home but takes up a large portion of it. There are around 600 animals which is the most 1 person can care for while also having a full time job as I do at our Metropolitan Zoo as the Lead Reptile Keeper. As a result you are dealing with a 1 person private breeder operation, not a corporation or brick and mortar store. While I am a private breeder in all of my activity selling snakes on Morph Market, I am also a trained reptile professional holding a full time job at a world class Zoo where I have been employed for over 25 years as a PROFESSIONAL reptile keeper. You buy from a hobbyist but are dealing with a PROFESSIONAL.