Description: Female het blue eyed Lucy well started and eating frozen thawed rat pinks. ... View more

    Het Blue-eyed Leucistic Female CRB

    Colombian Rainbow Boa Baby
    Epicrates maurus


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    ID: MoLa2112

    Het Blue-eyed Leucistic Female CRB

    Colombian Rainbow Boa Baby
    Epicrates maurus


    Female het blue eyed Lucy well started and eating frozen thawed rat pinks.
    Origin: Self Produced
    Birth: 15th May 2021
    Diet: Frozen/Thawed Rat

    Shipping: 40.00-90.00 (Domestic)
    Shipping Details: Regional Shipping
    Offers: Firm Price
    Trades: No Trades

    Animal ID: MoLa2112
    Group ID: MoLa21
    First Posted: 12/26/21
    Last Renewed: 11/07/22
    Last Updated: 11/14/22

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    Colombian Rainbow Boa Litter: MoLa21


    10 Offspring

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    About Reese Rainbows and Reptiles

    I have been breeding different boa species for over 30 years. Started out keeping and breeding sand boas at age 14 selling to local pet shops. As soon as I could afford to as a young adult I began raising Brazilian Rainbow boas, Emerald Tree boas and Anacondas. As time progressed I decided to focus my time solely on Rainbows and for many years that is what I have specialized in. We are currently working with several uncommon morphs and specialize in calico and various lines of striped animals. Many of our current projects are focused on polygenic combinations of these lines with various color morphs such as DB hypos, Lockwood hypos, melanistic and various forms of anery. Beyond this we have returned to breeding some of the newer sand boa morphs (including pure Dodomas), calico and leucistic Amazon Tree boas and other species of Rainbows including E. assisi and E. maurus morphs.

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