RDR BEA 66% Het Snow & Blizzard Boa Constrictor (#22677)

Description. This one is very lively. Another great option!! RARE RDR BEA! This is an amazing project. Inquire about the triple recessive project: RDR+T1+KAHL (YETI) and gain a discount on pairs. See my Facebook for more information.
RDR BEA 66% Het Snow & Blizzard
Boa Constrictor Baby/Juvenile
Boa constrictor imperator
Anerythristic (RDR Black Eye) 66% Het Anerythristic (Type 1) 66% Het Albino (Kahl)
Pre-Killed Rat




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25.00-150.00 (Domestic)
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I have been breeding reptiles since 1998. It was such a wonderful experience hatching those first clutches of corns, kings and Honduran Milk Snakes. Even though I was a young teenager, I still remember how amazing the reptile community was; The thrill of the industry and the excitement of being new to the craft. The Hobbyists and enthusiasts that I trained under had a lot of integrity and did it for the love of the animals. Today, here at Constrictor Capital, the collection has grown and our primary focus is now Boa Constrictors; My goal is to bring that same care and enthusiasm to the market that I experienced back when I first entered hobby. Times have changed a lot. Animals have so many more genetic combinations, there is extreme mutation diversification and some very expensive price tags to boot- however, our focus will always be: "Breeding quality animals, providing good customer service and showing a passion for what we do."

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