Paint Possible Het Snow ♂️ Kenyan Sand Boa UNLISTED (#21Pai66Ha50HAx…)

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Paint Possible Het Snow ♂️
Kenyan Sand Boa Baby/Juvenile
Gongylophis colubrinus
Paint 66% Het Albino 50% Het Anery
9th July 2021
Live Mouse




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💰 Prices are based on the approximate market value at the time of listing and are subject to change. Quantity discounts are available for some morphs depending on availability.

Payment plan prices are firm; I will consider REASONABLE* offers on straight pay purchases (unless the the animal is marked as firm price). If an offer is accepted you must be ready to purchase within the next 24 hours.

*Examples of REASONABLE offers: 5% off, 10% off of the animal’s price, whether an offer is accepted or not will depend on price, quantity, sex and availability. Shipping is not negotiable.



All animals are offered for sale on a first come, first served basis (determined by email’s date and time stamp).

I reserve the right to decline any request or order.

No animal will be sold to a person under 18 years of age.

Please do not purchase an animal unless you have done previous research on care and proper husbandry. If at any point I believe that the animal may not be the right fit based on experience, expectation and/or ability to provide for the animal’s needs, the transaction will be cancelled and all payments including deposit will be refunded.

The buyer is responsible for knowing the laws of their state of residence, I will not knowingly ship an animal into any state where it is illegal to possess or buy the animal requested.

Western Hognose restrictions

No sales to Iowa residents, Illinois and Colorado residents MUST have a permit.

General Guarantees:

All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding and properly sexed.

🐁 No animal will be shipped unless he has fed successfully and consecutively a minimum of 5* to 10** times.

No animal will be listed as F/T feeder unless it has fed successfully and consecutively a minimum of 5* to 10** times on F/T.

* Ball Pythons
**Hognose, Sand Boas

I offer a 7 days health guarantee on all animals. Once received I have no control over the care that the animal(s) will receive from you so therefore, I cannot offer a guarantee longer than 7 days.

Please open your package and inspect all animals immediately upon receipt of shipment. If you have any concerns regarding your order, you must notify me within 24 hours of receipt. If I have not heard from you within 24 hours of you receiving your shipment, I will consider the transaction complete and satisfactory.

DOA’s must be reported within 2 hours of delivery. Pictures and/or return of DOA animal(s) may be required for credit or replacement.

🧬Genetic Guarantees:

I guarantee the genetics of all the animals I sell, animals produced by me come with complete genetic documentation consisting of a Certificate of Origin which includes a color picture for identification purposes, the animal ID as well as dam and sire ID.

A copy of the Certificate of Origin of each sold animal is kept for future reference should the animal be re-sold or the documentation be lost.


A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve any animal currently in stock. The animal will be placed on hold for a period of 24 hours*.

Because of the number of inquiries no animal will be place on hold without a deposit.

*Animal must be paid for in full within 24 hours of initial deposit (unless you opted for a payment plan) or the deposit will be forfeited and the animal re-listed.

Payment Options:

Full payment is required before any animal is shipped.

I accept Zelle (preferred), Cash App, certified cashier checks*, personal checks* and money orders*, I also accept all major credit cards through PayPal (subject to change) and Square.

New customer transaction totaling $2500 or more will require Zelle Payment, certified or personal checks.

*Checks & money orders must be cleared before shipping can take place.

Payment Plans:

Owning your dream snake just got easier!

3 payment plans are available for any purchase of $300.00 or more (See for details). All payment plans must be paid for in full before the animal is shipped.

✈️ Shipping Information:

All animals are shipped to your door or local hub via FedEx priority overnight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays weather permitting, taking in consideration the temperatures at origin, the main hub, as well as destination.

Below 35˚: No shipping
Between 35˚and 49˚: FedEx staffed facility
Between 50˚and 89˚: Door to door and/or FedEx staffed facility
Between 90˚and 92˚: FedEx Staffed facility
Over 92˚: No Shipping

New customer purchases of $1000 or more will ship to a FedEx Staffed facility regardless of the temperatures.

Shipping Cost:

From $35 to $125 depending on box size and destination, please contact me directly for a quote via Reptiles2You

7x7x7 Box from $35 to $90
12x9x6 Box from $40 to $95
16x12x8 Box from $55 to $125

FREE shipping on orders of a $1000 or more. (Retail purchases only)

Live arrival guarantee between 35 to 92 degrees*1.

Please arrange to have someone over 18 years of age available to receive the package and to open it immediately upon arrival*1.

*1: Live arrival guarantee is VOID if incomplete or erroneous shipping information is provided or/and if no one is present to receive the shipment on first delivery attempt.

Hub Pickup: Animals must be picked up within 8 hours of availability. In the event of a carrier delay making the shipment available 24 hours after the original ETA, the animals must be picked up within one hour of availability or live arrival guarantee will be void.

I reserve the right to delay shipment due to weather conditions (below 35 degrees and above 92 degrees), should you decide to have the animal delivered to you regardless, the live arrival guarantee would no longer be valid and be void.

Shipping Schedule:

FedEx Priority Overnight*1: Tuesday and Wednesday*

*“Monday is the busiest day of the week for FedEx (delays are more likely), and shipping live items on Thursdays is a little more risky as a delay could mean your shipment is not delivered until the following MONDAY. BEST Days to ship live items: TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY.” Reptiles2You

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