Carlson Snow

Rosy Boa Adult
Lichanura trivirgata

ID: csrbf1

Letting go of this proven Carlson Snow female. Her colors are AMAZING, a very light peach, difficult to capture in photos.

I got her in 2020. Nothing wrong with her, eats great on f/t. I’ve tried finding an adult mate but haven’t succeeded between the pandemic and life being crazy. I would like to make room for other upcoming projects so letting her go. Due to limited space, I wasn’t able to brumate her this winter. She is a proven breeder from previous owner, he was getting out of the hobby and I could only afford her at the time.

Shipping only when temps are safe to do so. Shipping through Reptiles2You has been running about $75-$85 for most of the country. Reach out if you’d like an exact shipping quote.
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Carlson Snow

Rosy Boa Adult
Lichanura trivirgata


Birth: 2014
Proven: Yes

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Shipping: At Least 75.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: csrbf1
First Posted: 01/28/23
Last Updated: 02/08/23

No city in TX[TX, USA], US, Texas
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