Anery Stripe 66% Het Albino 50% Het Splash Sand Boa (#1020ASPHPHS13)

Anery Stripe 66% Het Albino 50% Het Splash Sand Boa
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Description. Shipping is limited as I require it to be at least 40 degrees for the low and no higher than 93 degrees in order to ship. I am only able to ship on Mondays and Wednesdays right now. Currently I am asking to ship to authorized fedex ship centers and have babies held there for pickup to ensure their safe arrival. This Anery Stripe male is 66% het Albino and 50% het Splash. He is the result of my pairing an Anery het Albino female to an Anery Stripe het Albino het Splash male. He is feeding great on f/t large fuzzy mice. I am asking $180 plus shipping for him. message me with any question or for a shipping quote.
Anery Stripe 66% Het Albino 50% Het Splash
Sand Boa Baby/Juvenile
Stripe Anery 66% Het Albino 50% Het Splash
16th August 2020
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




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About Hill's Herps. In 2011, I got my first two sand boas and fell in love with the species. I have kept reptiles for the majority of my life, but once I got into sand boas I decided to pursue a dream of breeding my own. I have started to branch into locale specific such as Egyptians and other sand boas species(Indian, Javelins,Persians,Tartars). My goal is to continue producing more litters in coming years, while raising up the majority of my future breeders from birth. I want to provide information and healthy babies to customers. Hopefully, in the coming years, I will also be able to continue to add more and more variety and in turn make more quality animals available for sale.