Gorgeous Saffron Motley from an exquisite pair. Just look at the Sire! ... View more

    Saffron Motley

    Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
    Pantherophis guttatus


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    ID: SAFMOT08032201M

    Saffron Motley

    Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
    Pantherophis guttatus


    Gorgeous Saffron Motley from an exquisite pair. Just look at the Sire!
    Origin: Self Produced
    Birth: 3rd August 2022
    Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

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    Animal ID: SAFMOT08032201M
    First Posted: 10/16/22
    Last Updated: 11/08/22

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    About Corn Snaken

    We have been breeding Pantherophis guttatus for almost 40 years. We use only the best broodstock to assure you that the animal you are purchasing is top-notch. We specialize in rarer morphs or in some cases more common morphs but of higher quality.

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