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    Charlie is still a bit nervous when being taken out of his enclosure and needs a few minutes to calm down. ... View more


    Corn Snake Adult
    Pantherophis guttatus


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    ID: Charlie


    Corn Snake Adult
    Pantherophis guttatus


    Charlie is still a bit nervous when being taken out of his enclosure and needs a few minutes to calm down.
    Origin: Domestically Produced
    Birth: 2020
    Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

    Shipping: At Least 50.00 (Domestic)
    Shipping Details: Regional Shipping
    Offers: Firm Price

    Animal ID: Charlie
    Group ID: Charlie
    First Posted: 02/27/23
    Last Renewed: 05/18/23
    Last Updated: 05/18/23

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    Corn Snake Clutch: Charlie

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    Midnight Exotics is working tirelessly to produce high quality exotic morphs. We choose quality over quantity and are dedicated to provide you with the healthiest reptiles. Many of our projects are currently based on behavior and we are making strides at producing less flighty corns and calmer geckos. We do not compromise genetics and will be honest about any animal you purchase from us.

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