SALE! ♀ Tessera Amelanistic 100% Het Anerythristic 66% Het Hypo 66% Het Motley Corn Snake (#21.25.76)

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Description. Her I.D. is #21.25.76 and was only $190 now $140. Why wait? Get a well started yearling 2021 Holdback! These Corns were our holdbacks from last year; but, we have decided to let them go; to make extra room for “2022 Season”. This clutch is about 30-40 grams in weight and around 14-18” long. They are well established eaters, 100% healthy and ready for new homes. These are not “right out of the egg” nor hatchlings but are well started yearlings. Males are already producing sperm plugs and the females are starting to get PHAT! Don’t wait; as they will not last long. Add local sales tax of 8.25%, if purchased in TX; and, overnight FedEx shipping is available via "Reptiles2You" for an additional fee (free quote with your shipping zipcode). Unfortunately, every January, FedEx raises their base shipping rate by an average of 5%. This year is no different and what used to cost $50 to ship just a few years ago now averages around $80.
SALE! ♀ Tessera Amelanistic 100% Het Anerythristic 66% Het Hypo 66% Het Motley
Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus
Pos Het Motley Pos Het Hypo 100% Het Anerythristic Amelanistic Tessera
24th July 2021
40 cm (total length)
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




Robstown, Texas United States of America flag

60.00-90.00 (Domestic)
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