Mandarin Albino Kastaine Corn Snake (#mxa22m1)

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Description. Mandarin or albino kastaine het ultra anery very clean bright adults eats ft pinky mice, 10 grams parents are Mandarin het anery x apricot het anery
Mandarin Albino Kastaine
Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus
Amelanistic 100% Het Anerythristic Kastanie 100% Het Ultra
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




Conroe, Texas United States of America flag

25.00-75.00 (Domestic)
No Trades
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About Urbancrochunter. Specialize in corns. I have been breeding corns and other colubrid since I was middle school, 20+ years ago. I have keep almost all species of snakes, lizards and crocs/caiman at some point. I am passionate about my animals and you will get an exceptional animal from me that is hassle free. I will always be super responsive to any questions and needs you may have post-purchase.