Adult Male Desert Kingsnake (#DK-01-Nrm)

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Adult Male Desert Kingsnake
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Description. Dune is 235 grams and is currently eating live adult mice. He has taken f/t in the past so likely won't have any issue being switched back.

He's a bit cage defensive and prone to musking, but calms down relatively quickly once he's out of his enclosure.
Adult Male
Desert Kingsnake Adult
Lampropeltis getula splendida
Domestically Produced
Live Mouse




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About The Royal Nest Reptiles. The Royal Nest Reptiles is a small reptile business owned by Holly Jenkins and Robbie Payne.
We are an engaged (soon to be married) couple who enjoy snakes, and are working towards eventually having breeding them be our full-time occupation.

We specialize in various snake species, mainly ball pythons and plains hognoses at the moment, and are planning to work with more in the future.

Our goal is to provide quality animals and the knowledge to care for them to those who are new to the hobby or are just looking for a pet. We hope to make a positive impact on the reptile community as a whole!