Mexican Black Kingsnake Adult
Lampropeltis getula nigrita


Vidal is a proven 2012 Mexican Black Kingsnake that's looking for a new home. He sired 8 beautiful hatchlings last year, and they won't be his last I'm sure. Like most MBKs, he has a strong feeding response, but he handles extremely well. He's one of our best garbage disposals and enjoys f/t quail, quail eggs, chicks, adult mice, fish, and even those rat hoppers that your fussy ball python won't eat! Pretty much anything goes with this guy!

Measuring over 4 feet, Vidal will do best in a 4'x2'x2' enclosure (minimum) where he can actively climb and explore. He's currently housed in such an enclosure, and he's almost always on the move. He has a few bent scales from exploring his viv, but he's otherwise in excellent shape.
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Mexican Black Kingsnake Adult
Lampropeltis getula nigrita


Origin: Domestically Produced
Birth: August 2012
Proven: Yes
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

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Shipping: 55.00 (Domestic)
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Trades: No Trades

Animal ID: CB12-VDL
First Posted: 08/30/22
Last Renewed: 02/01/23
Last Updated: 02/01/23

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