Extreme Red Albino Het Sunburst Pos Het Snow Western Hognose (#Bnw7)

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Description. She will gain a lot more red pigment with age. What she looks like now, will be nothing compared to how she looks as a subadult and her red tones come in stronger. Great to boost pigmentation in your sunburst projects. Low chance pos het snow too.
Extreme Red Albino Het Sunburst Pos Het Snow
Western Hognose Baby/Juvenile
Heterodon nasicus nasicus
Albino Pos Het Axanthic Extreme Red 100% Het Sable
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




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About JMGreptile. Reptle Breeder and enthusiast. I specialize in Western hognose snakes, fat tail geckos, and leopard geckos. I work with a few other species as well. I am most active on Instagram and post pics regularly for anyone interested in seeing a lot of hognose morphs and information.