Hypo Poss. Het Trans Citrus Central Bearded Dragon (#Tr1)

Hypo Poss. Het Trans Citrus Central Bearded Dragon
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Description. From my main citrus lines of 11+ years working with it, these have been from solid yellow lines. Only selling due to space/taking a break from breeding. Planned on him for a pairing but unfortunately did not get to that point. He bobs for the ladies and definitely interested in them. Would love to get updates on him from time to time. His name is Turtle.
Hypo Poss. Het Trans Citrus
Central Bearded Dragon Adult
Pogona vitticeps
Yellow/citrus Citrus Tiger Hypo Pos Het Translucent
May 2019
Live Roach

Penfield, New York United States of America flag

40.00-70.00 (Domestic)
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