High Color Red Central Bearded Dragon (#R2)

High Color Red
Central Bearded Dragon Baby/Juvenile
Pogona vitticeps
Red Hypo Pos Het Translucent 50% Het Recessive Leatherback
Domestically Produced
15th August 2021
20.3 cm (total length)
Live Roach




Oceanside, California United States of America flag

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50.00-85.00 (Domestic)
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About Black Beards Dragon's. Blackbeard’s Dragons is a small Brother, Sister owned business where we are looking to use my 8 years as a Navy Corpsman and my recent associates degree in biomanufacturing to produce healthy Bearded Dragons that have been loved and cared for since the beginning of their birth to the day we ship them out.

My sister and I first got our first pair of normal bearded Dragons from Petco when I was around 12 years old when and took care of them until I shipped off to boot camp when I turned 18, she had always taken care of them for me in my stead until they eventually died a few years later do too alack care because our mother became addicted to Drugs. I quickly obtained guardianship of my sister and she has lived with me ever since we then decided to back in 2019 to get our own pair of bearded dragons (we didn’t know any better yet) which then had babies! so we decided to care for those little bundles of joy when they hatched it was an amazing sight to watch! At the same time black beards dragons was born!

In the future we are looking to team up with organizations like pets for vets and other organizations so we can use bearded dragons to uplift the hearts and minds of people in need in the future the same way bearded dragons have helped us in the past