Green 66% Poss Het For Albinos TAME Central American Iguana
(35 available)

Description. This is our last year breeding iguanas as per regulations here in Fl - these are yearling 66% poss het for albino. We want them to go to pet homes - price includes shipping. These guys are PETS! Tame and handled extensively, you can walk up and pick them up, you can pet them, they eat out of your hands, they’re amazing. I have videos of handling and petting I can send on inquiry…. There are about 30. You will be vetted on caging, etc prior to purchase. Thank you 🙏

PS : these are beautiful. Pics don’t do them justice. ❤️
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Green 66% Poss Het For Albinos TAME
Central American Iguana Baby/Juvenile
Iguana rhinolopha
(35 available)




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