Proven Female Pure PI, Produced By DD Chahoua Gecko (#Ramona)

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Proven Female Pure PI, Produced By DD Chahoua Gecko
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Description. Lovely Ramona has made many beautiful babies for me but is slowing down a bit now. She still has a few good years in her yet though! She's the sweetest girl, has never been aggressive or tried to bite. She does have a bit of scarring around her head from her previous partner. Was purchased directly from Derek Dunlop in 2012, no lineage was given at that time.

Will consider trades/partial trades for 100% het axanthic, paper white or empty back (non-LGP lines) crested geckos.

Payment plans no more than a week and over $500 considered.
Proven Female Pure PI, Produced By DD
Chahoua Gecko Adult
Mniarogekko chahoua
Pine Island
15th November 2011
Live Meal Replacement

Madison, Wisconsin United States of America flag

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About GirlZilla Geckos. Caring for and breeding crested Geckos since 2000! Currently focused on high end pairings, quality over quantity. I’ve recently added M. chahoua and R. leachianus to my roster so they will be available occasionally as well.