Red Bicolor Porthole Male Crested Gecko (#GG_RS_19_OxS1)

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Red Bicolor Porthole Male Crested Gecko
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Description. Purchased from Rockstar Geckos but bred by Buffalo Exotics out of Optimus Prime (Crestopia Reptiles) x Scandal (Underground Geckos of Texas).
Scandal: Butter Pecan (Marmalade x Yoshi) x Chipotle (AC Reptiles)
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Red Bicolor Porthole Male
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
Phantom Bi-color Portholes Red
Live Meal Replacement

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Store policy. All our animals receive a healthy and varied diet consisting of Repashy, Pangea, fresh fruits, calcium dusted crickets and wax moth larvae. All tanks are bio-active and provided with UVB lightening. Want some more information about a particular gecko? Just ask!
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About Geeks&Geckos. Crested gecko breeder specialized in red portholes. Beside portholes, we also breed some tricolor (extreme) harlequins and creams. If you want to check us out, feel free to visit our website, facebook page or instagram!