Funky Red/Pink Dalmatian Crested Gecko (#RVCH03-02)

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Description. Seeing some dimpling but no distinct pores, however to be safe labeled as PPV.

Great funky red/pink gecko, he keeps getting better with time. He is starting to get in red spots! He is fired down in these photos but does fire up a blushy shade of red.

Red Velvet ( Serenity Raptors Eros (ACR) x Mac (Fringemorph Mac (Alpha x Blush)) x Cheesecake (Gecko Haven Frankincense (Azreal x Kung Pow) x Mauna Kea (Altitude Exotics Confetti))
Funky Red/Pink Dalmatian
Crested Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Correlophus ciliatus
Red Portholes Red Spot Dalmatian
7th July 2021
Meal Replacement




Reston, Virginia United States of America flag

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