I've had many try to convince me she's a poss capp, i highly doubt she is but you guys can try and prove her out if you want, i sold the boy i wanted to use her for so she's no longer needed!

    no lineage, pic of when she had a tail is last pic
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    Crested Gecko Subadult
    Correlophus ciliatus



    Crested Gecko Subadult
    Correlophus ciliatus


    I've had many try to convince me she's a poss capp, i highly doubt she is but you guys can try and prove her out if you want, i sold the boy i wanted to use her for so she's no longer needed!

    no lineage, pic of when she had a tail is last pic
    Origin: Self Produced
    Weight: 26g
    Diet: Meal Replacement

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    Animal ID: crac
    First Posted: 10/16/22
    Last Updated: 10/18/22

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