Proven Breeder Male Crested Gecko (#Lucifer)

Proven Breeder Male Crested Gecko
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Description. LUCIFER


DRIPPY RED AND WHITE!!!! I can’t even describe him. Except here is the kicker...he lives up to his name. He is a savage!!!!!! But he is gorgeous!!! Unfortunately reds are not a main focus for me so he won’t be used. He isn’t cheap. He has minor fts he arrived to me with it when I bought him as a baby. He is 100% healthy and it has ZERO affect on him. He has made amazing babies!!! HE IS PRICES IN USD FOR CANADIANS INQUIRING
Proven Breeder Male
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
White Spots Red Drippy
Domestically Produced
123 m (total length)
Live Other

Ottawa, Ontario Canada flag

80.00-200.00 (Domestic)

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