Proven Female Lw Crested Gecko (#PIXIE)

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Proven Female Lw Crested Gecko
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Description. Zengex produced. Visit the site for more info! Free shipping on all geckos
Proven Female Lw
Crested Gecko Adult
Correlophus ciliatus
White Out Lilly White Tri-color
Domestically Produced
Live Meal Replacement




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Store policy. Terms and conditions of sale

Show Me Gex has the right to refuse any buyer from purchasing an animal at any time. Refusal will be explained.
Payment Plan Information:
If I accept an offer less than what I have the animal listed at, the new price is not eligible for a payment plan.
Presales: No payment plan
$0-300 - 1 week
$301-$600 - 2 weeks
$601-$1000 - 3 weeks
$1000+ - Time frame determined on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss.
If a payment plan is established, all deposits are non-refundable. If the gecko is not paid off by your due date, and you made no effort to communicate with us that you needed more time, that money is non refundable, and will NOT be credited. If a longer payment plan is required, we are willing to work with you. Just contact us!
If you change your mind at any time, after a gecko is paid for, or payments have been made, you may be issued a credit to use in the future. You may also transfer that credit to another currently available gecko. Another deposit fee will be needed to hold another gecko if a further payment plan is needed for a larger amount.
Your gecko will not be shipped out until your payment plan is paid off.
We now only allow ONE *emergency* extension to payment plans. We understand that life happens, however we cannot continue allowing people to skip their payments or extend past our agreed upon date with a new reason each week. Please be courteous about this, and we will try to do our best to assist you when life gets in the way.
If you extend your payment plan for a second time, a 10% fee on your remaining balance will be applied. (Same as a credit card company would do).. For example, if you placed a gecko on a payment plan for $500, and placed 25% down, your balance would be $375. We will place the 10% fee on the $375 remaining, totaling $37.50, making your new balance $412.50. This is for our protection, and we hope you understand.
A third further attempted extension on your payment plan will cause for a decline of sale. You will be credited the amount you have paid to that point to use on a different gecko in the future, or use the credit on a gecko priced similar that is listed at that time. Your contributions to your plan will be non-refundable. You will not be permitted to obtain another payment plan with us for the forseeable future.

Pore Sexing Disclaimer:
If a gecko is under 5 grams, and is labeled as "Male" or "Female" Please take that with a grain of salt. I am able to see pores on geckos as small as 2 grams with my flatscreen digital microscope. Please contact us if you would like photos of the pores/lack of pores before purchasing. We do not garuntee that a gecko marked as female will be female if she is under 10 grams. This is because geckos tend to sprout pores in that time frame. If I have indicated a gecko as male, I will note in the gecko's description if it is a "Confirmed" male or not. Confirmed males will be males that show a ton of dark, waxy pores as an adult male would. If the gender of the gecko does not say "Confirmed" in the description area, Please take the gender as an educated guess. We will not accept refunds on geckos that suddenly change gender if they were sold to you under 10 grams.

Upon Receipt of your gecko(s):
Please contact us within 30 minutes or less after the gecko arrives, or is picked up. Once the gecko is in your hands alive and well, we are not responsible for the animal. A claim of a sick or deceased animal must be made immediately upon opening the box. You must have proof of a vet visit as well showing the condition of the animal. We are NOT responsible for tail drops, or kinks as these can happen during shipping. If at any point you can no longer care for the gecko, we will happily take him or her back, returning your deposit amount or 50% of the price, however return shipping is your responsibility. If you’d rather get all of your money returned, please contact us before attempting to resell somewhere else!

Shipping Information:
Shipping is available to the 50 US states only at this time. Shipping is now FREE! Weekdays only (Monday-Thursday). Weather must be permitting on both ends (no lower than 40° overnight, and no higher than 80° during the day.) and if it is not, your gecko will be held with us at no extra fee until the weather is acceptable. You must pickup or receive your gecko on the day it is delivered or live arrival guarantee is void. Hub shipments are preffered, as they offer less time in transport, and the package will be held in a temperature controlled building rather than a hot or cold truck. However, home shipments are available, but we do not offer live garuntees on home shipments. Please note that home shipments are notorious for delays in delivery. (We have never had a gecko be deceased upon arrival, but the health and safety of the animal is our primary concern.)
Local pickup is available, and we do offer discounts for this as well.

Purchase Disclaimer:
Please ensure you have done research on the species you are interested in. Personality and demeanor vary with each gecko. If you have a question on any of them we are happy to answer. More photos and videos of the gecko can be provided. Please also insure you have a set up/ enclosure completed for the animal correct for its size, and species. All New Caledonian geckos require a tall enclosure and if purchasing a baby keep in mind they will need to start in a small enclosure such as a tub and move to a larger as they grow. Do not hesitate to contact us for tips and information on husbandry!

If you have any questions at any point, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and help with as much as we can.

By purchasing one or more animals, or making any type of payment towards them, you agree to these terms.


Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About Show Me Gex. Officially established in 2019, Show Me Gex is named after our home state of Missouri. We breed New Caledonian Geckos, and look to expand into Western Hognose snakes in the coming years. Owned by Josh Benne & Tiffany Brianne.