Super Stripe Crested Gecko (#GXN-TEGMINE-20…)

Description. Parents: Gilgamesh x Nefertiti

If you're looking for a Super Stripe with incredible genetics, this is the one! I bet that base color will fire jet black in a few more months. We will definitely be sad to see this one go!

• Feeding on Repashy, Pangea and Dubia Roaches
• 7 day health guarantee
• Correlophus ciliatus

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Super Stripe
Crested Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Correlophus ciliatus
Quad-stripe Super Stripe Dark Pos Black
Live Meal Replacement




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About Fringemorphs. FRINGEMORPHS was started by Chris and Thor; two brothers that have shared an obsession with reptiles since they were kids.

Growing up in the 90’s we shared our bedrooms with monitor lizards, iguanas, bearded dragons and snakes. Our favorite place was a pet store down the hill called Bird World. One time, Chris purchased a large aquarium there and tried to carry it all the way home on his rollerblades. Another time, Thor purchased a turtle there and tried to hide it from their mom so he kept it in the bathtub. Neither of these stories have a happy ending, but we were determined!

Crested Geckos first caught our eye back in 2010. We were amazed at the sheer variety shown in a species that everyone thought was extinct only 16 years prior. They were black and yellow and red; they had spots and stripes; and they had eyelashes! We decided to purchase two pairs: Mr. Banana & Mommy and Alpha & Peaches. The first few babies popped out and… well they sort of looked like their parents. It took a while to realize how much variation could come from a single breeding pair. We purchased two more pairs: Gilgamesh & Cleopatra and Peridot & Nori.

Ten years later our collection has grown considerably. It still feels like Christmas every time we get a new hatchling; never knowing exactly what’s going to come out of that egg. Some of our first hatchlings are breeders now, making babies that look completely different than their grandparents. With selective breeding and a bit of luck their potential seems limitless. Who knows what Crested Geckos will look like 10 years from now.

We find it extremely important to provide our customers with animals that have been brought up with proper care and nutrition. The animals we choose to breed have to go through stringent protocals before they are allowed to meet the rest of our breeding stock. Because we follow these practices, the quality and health of our animals shows every time someone opens a package from us!

We started growing our Crested Gecko collection back in 2011 after realizing these geckos have one of the greatest potentials in the trade when it comes to genetic diversity. For the past few years, we’ve acquired geckos from a lot of the high-end breeders in the United States and Canada. With quality over quantity in mind, we’ve been able to produce some stellar specimens with morphs ranging from high-contrast (black & white) pinstripes and harlequins, quad-stripes, pink & cream extreme harlequins, super tigers and that is only the beginning.

It is very important to us that our geckos are healthy and stress-free. Because of that, we house all of our male geckos separately. Hatchlings are housed with their clutch mates for the first two to three months, at which time they are separated and put into their own bins. Breeding colonies are kept small and checked frequently for any signs of bullying from cage mates. These practices ensure our geckos are free from tail nipping and other fight-related injuries.