Red And Orange Striped Gargoyle

Gargoyle Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Rhacodactylus auriculatus

ID: ZxD-3

Nice little striped garg from a high contrast mom and red base dad. Very nice contrast and lots of color coming in on this one. Going to be a great looking adult!
This baby is eating well on any gecko diet you want to use. We feed an assortment of pangea, repashy, and leapin leachies diets and this little one will eat them all!
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Red And Orange Striped Gargoyle

Gargoyle Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Rhacodactylus auriculatus


Sex: ?
Traits: Bacon
Birth: July 2022
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Meal Replacement

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Shipping: 40.00-95.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: ZxD-3
First Posted: 07/29/22
Last Renewed: 12/30/22
Last Updated: 12/30/22

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