Black White Cream

    Gargoyle Gecko Adult
    Rhacodactylus auriculatus


    Black White Cream

    Gargoyle Gecko Adult
    Rhacodactylus auriculatus


    Origin: Self Produced
    Birth: 28th April 2021
    Diet: Meal Replacement

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    Shipping: 65.00-110.00 (Domestic)
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    Animal ID: Mimz
    Group ID: GnorGroot
    First Posted: 09/13/23
    Last Renewed: 11/19/23
    Last Updated: 11/22/23

    Gargoyle Gecko Clutch: GnorGroot

    1 Offspring

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    Local pick up is also available, but I require payment in cash, And will only meet in a public place as schedule allows. ( Will only meet in Tunkhannock ,Pa) Gecko/Geckos must be arranged to be picked up within one week.

    Orders will be shipped through FedEx Priority Overnight . Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. ( Shipping weather permitting )

    I use reptiles2you. (I DO NOT ship outside of the US, Alaska or Hawaii)
    I will no longer accept labels to be sent, and will only use Retiles2you , for all shipments. No exceptions!

    Payment plans ( MUST BE SENT F&F)- I require a 50% non refundable deposit, The remainder must be paid in full within 30 days. Failure to pay within the 30 day period, with no contact- your animal will be considered abandoned and your deposit will not be refunded. I can extend this time frame, if within reason! Please stay in contact!

    Please note that Failure to pay- By agreed upon time frame , you will not be refunded back! You forfeit your gecko/geckos.

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    I will not be held responsible if an incorrect address is provided.

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    All guarantees are VOID if someone is not present for the delivery (First attempt) and I am not contacted within 20 minutes of said delivery!

    If shipments are going to a hub- Gecko/Geckos must be picked up within 2 hours. If not picked up within this time frame - the Live Arrival / Health Guarantee is null and void.

    If there are any losses or concerns with your order you must notify me within 24 hours of confirmed delivery.

    I do my best to avoid shipping at times that are at a high risk for delivery delays, and follow all FedEx guidelines. No refunds will be giving for late deliveries .

    All geckos will be shipped in approved insulated boxes with appropriate heat /cool pack ( If needed ), and a phase 22 pack.

    Gecko's will only be shipped when weather permits on the shipping and receiving end.
    Please be patient . This is for the safety of the geckos!

    I will only ship, once contact is made , to arrange and confirm shipment. I will not just ship!

    I’ll ship when temperature is above 40° (overnight low) and below 80°(daytime high), temperatures must be in the safe zone in both my location and yours.

    You will not be charged extra if I have to hold until the weather is suitable for shipping.

    * If you -the buyer can not accept your gecko/geckos to be shipped out by the 2nd attempt-for whatever reason - you will be invoiced to pay a 25.00 monthly fee, Until shipment can be accepted. I will attempt to ship out the gecko/geckos 3 times total - ( if you do not pay this fee- I will not refund any payments, YOU WILL FOREFIET your gecko , or after 3rd failed attempt to ship) .
    - Failure to be able to receive shipment within 3 months ,of paying in full- you will FOREFIET-
    Please note I will not charge if I can not ship out due to weather.

    In the event that the gecko is DOA ( Dead On Arrival )
    -DOA- Must be reported within 20 minutes, Failure to report DOA within 20 minutes will void any live arrival guarantee.

    -Should this unfortunate circumstance happens , evidence must be provided of the deceased gecko before store credit will be issued. (For a replacement gecko of equal value).
    Gecko /Geckos will be replaced with another of equal value. I do not issue refunds.

    I require photo/video evidence of the deceased gecko/geckos .
    Once evidence is provided of the deceased gecko I will then decide whether a refund/replacement will be issued- Video/Photos must show the topside and underside of the gecko.

    There are no refunds for shipping charges, or late packages arriving late.

    I cannot control the care and living conditions of my geckos after it has left my care/home, but I am confident in ALL my geckos' health. Therefore, I will 100% guarantee the gecko/geckos for 24 hours . If you believe that your gecko is sick, you must contact me as soon as possible so the situation can be quickly remedied. -There are no refunds for deceased gecko/ geckos after they have been in your care for more than 24 hours.

    ~~This health guarantee does not include outside injuries such as cat and /or dog attacks, injuries resulting from being dropped, enclosure instabilities, etc. ~~

    I have a No Return Policy!

    If you feel that you need to take your gecko/geckos to the vet, you do so entirely at your own expense.

    If your animal happens to pass, within these 24 hours , I will need proof, by pictures and video - of the topside and underside of the gecko , I will also need some questions answered and pictures/video of the enclosure.
    Photo/Video proof will be required before I can/will issue a store credit.
    If store credit is issued I will work with you on a replacement gecko of equal value.

    Also geckos drop their tails, often for no apparent reason. Because of this no refunds/ discounts/or gecko exchanges will be given, while waiting for shipping or during shipping, or during the 24 hour health guarantee.

    Due to the ability to "fire up and down" and the color calibration of different screens, I do not offer guarantees on color. There will be also no refunds giving for this reason, I do however try my best to provide clear and accurate photos of each gecko in the best light so that they appear true to life.

    ~~All my geckos are being fed multiple flavors of Pangea and Repashy fruit mix. My geckos are also offered calcium dusted crickets/ dubia roaches on a weekly basis.

    Sexing - My geckos will be pore sexed to the best of my ability (Best Guess)! Sex is NOT guaranteed for any of my geckos.

    It is your responsibility as a pet owner to educate yourself on the full needs of your new pet!
    I've done my best to educate myself to properly care for each and every breed of gecko that I offer.
    It is now your responsibility to provide a proper set up, temperatures, food, and humidity.
    Enjoy your new friend, and part of the family.

    ~By purchasing from us you are agreeing to all the above stated terms and conditions~

    Policies are subject to change at anytime.

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    Wanted to share my love for animals and reptiles, I started this out as a part time hobby with my kids, Educational and Fun! Hoping to pass this down to my next generation!

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